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  • bluvit74 bluvit74 Dec 21, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    OK . Just bought in here near 8$ . . been watching for awhile and think she is finally ready to pop.

    I'm sure Mr. Market has some of the same reservations as i had when SKUL popped up on my trading screen . . . but i believe the momentum is about to shift and the recent PR's along with the deflated share price are ripe for speculators like me to move in. This company is obviously not content being a one trick pony and it's branding will be the key to a much larger profit pool in the future . With so many retail outlets moving SKUL products already this should be a lay-up IMHO. The market makers have made their money on the down side hand over fist and now the path of least resistance to increase those profits is UP . . WAY UP. . . . The last shorts out the door are making a HUGE mistake discounting MM's ability to make money both ways . . lets see.

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    • coreylynnh Jan 2, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

      And so now what are you going to do with your stock bluvit now that the stock is in the 6's and maybe could go lower? This was my original question. Are you going to dump? You were yet another investor along the way saying this thing is shooting up. Do you still think so?

      This is one of two things. A downgrade as a knee jerk reaction to the stock's poor performance lately and somebody finally using that conference call information to say competition is pressuring SKUL and reducing margins. In this case it is white noise and a good buying opportunity. OR there is something bad on the horizon for SKUL. The only actual bad news is that SKUL will no longer grow or will begin to lose sales. So this is the decision point. Most frightened shareholders will just assume the stock is headed for the tank and dump. The downgrade does nothing to change my point of view on SKUL. What will it do for everyone else?

    • coreylynnh Dec 21, 2012 11:44 PM Flag

      I don't know if $8 is a good spot to short, it all depends on where the big money is sending this stock short term. You are not the first person to say this thing is ready to go up. A lot of people said it at 15. A good amount said it again at 12.50. Now you are saying it at 8. Let me ask you this, what will you do with your shares if this stock drops to $6 in 2 weeks? What about $4?

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      • We seem to be arguing the same point . . no ? ..I think BIG money takes it UP because that is the path of least resistance and I can only imagine what kind of a hoard of SKUL stock they have amassed during this short operation . . Why sell it back to Joe Public at 8 when they will gladly buy it at 12 or 14 like they were in November . . Besides I see some juicy trades for those that bought in at 12 as there were quite a few opportunities to unload at a huge profit . I never claimed to be anything but a trader who is speculating that this stock is about to go up. . . BUT . . I never trade stocks I do not think are good long term investments. I believe in the Skullcandy brand and appreciate the type of organic growth it is accumulating . Their marketing is amazing , their distribution is immense . . and their stock is cheap. At what price do you like SKUL ?

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    • 75% Institutional ownership . 40% Short Interest . 15 Mil Float . Bottom IS in. = Doesn't matter what we sell or if the stock will die someday . . . In the near term "They" are taking SKUL up and are going to make a killing doing it. My last 3 purchases similar to this were VELT , GRPN , and SZYM and they have not let me down . SKUL is a very similar situation and is my new play. . It's not an "if" but a "when" at this point . . Dont be the last short out the door and hold the bag for the smart money that shorted in the teens and covered @ 8.

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