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  • bluvit74 bluvit74 Dec 22, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    OK . Just bought in here near 8$ . . been watching for awhile and think she is finally ready to pop.

    We seem to be arguing the same point . . no ? ..I think BIG money takes it UP because that is the path of least resistance and I can only imagine what kind of a hoard of SKUL stock they have amassed during this short operation . . Why sell it back to Joe Public at 8 when they will gladly buy it at 12 or 14 like they were in November . . Besides I see some juicy trades for those that bought in at 12 as there were quite a few opportunities to unload at a huge profit . I never claimed to be anything but a trader who is speculating that this stock is about to go up. . . BUT . . I never trade stocks I do not think are good long term investments. I believe in the Skullcandy brand and appreciate the type of organic growth it is accumulating . Their marketing is amazing , their distribution is immense . . and their stock is cheap. At what price do you like SKUL ?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Low 8's is a good price imo.

      I might be sorry but I'm holding out for a retest of 7.91. We should have some really light-volume trading days ahead which is perfect for a test; even a lower-volume retest of 7.70 is possible which only had 233k traded.

      The general market will probably bounce around some and they could run it up on low volume, but after the holidays I think it wants to go downtown. But, SKUL can go counter-market, and often has. I think the funds, having to stay invested, park liquidity into names like SKUL which are not in any index.

      Regardless, we're close to the lows so the buy-risk is low. Near support is the place to buy. Worst case, the volume comes in to the downside and you get stopped out but you live to trade another day.

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