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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Jan 11, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

    OP - SKUL landscape thoughts going forward

    With all the high volume days the last week or so, thoughts about supply/demand? I would gather that the stock has shed it's sellers and would now accumulate new money?

    What's your take?

    Seems to like hold at the psychological level of 7 (less the one off trade at 6.92 yesterday which I would assume was a per-planned short cover).

    And if bonds are going up short term, I would gather stocks will suffer. Not that SKUL follows ny pattern in regards to the general market. It is a small cap and an easy play for manipulation and "parking" risk on money without gathering attention from funds that invest Big / Mid Cap and a dividend / Stock index's, iShares etc.

    Andrus and Wescoat are pitching the company in Miami on the 16th. This along with the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.... I would expect some new institutional money into the stock end if next week (my guess is that will continue into earnings). Hopefully the influx of institutional money will be a rally into earnings.

    I know you are not into fundamentals, but my thought process is focused on supply/demand dynamics at this point (as fundamentals seem to take a back seat with the stock), speculation, big money, shorting, manipulation and rumor seem to drive the price (Thus why the shorts have been successful regardless of the fundamentals)

    This is why I can see a big (and rapid) swing up in share price going forward if the stock changes "sentiment" (LMAO - that's code for in play)

    Just my thoughts....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Michael, you seem to be coming around, but you can't totally let go of the lie, that fundamentals have a direct connection to stock price. What I hear you saying is that is if its not going your way then the fundamentals are not in control. So, when it turns around then suddenly it will be because of the fundamentals huh? Then all you fundies will be proven to be right; you'll all be geniuses again. Phooey.

      But to your other points, the institutions are "dumb" money. They will not come in until the stock shows strength. Yes, there has been a lot of volume the last 2 weeks. As a matter of fact, besides the first week after IPO, the two highest weekly volumes ever. Undoubtedly a lot of the buyers are smart shorts covering but we won't know for sure for some time as you've said. It will take some time to consolidate it. The low, $6.55, needs to be tested. January will have huge volume, so whatever low is set in January will need to get tested.

      What is keeping you from selling? Your belief in the fundamentals???? You are incurring opportunity costs. At the very least you could play it safe and be in cash until there is a sign of strength and then buy the retracement. Sure you may miss a few points but so what. You could buy some farm land. Every one should own farm land. "You ain't no kinda man unless you got land" (Delmar, Oh Brother Where Art Thou). In 2040 there will be 9 billion people on earth and there won't be enough food, think about that. I have a farm in NW Wisconsin if you're interested; surrounded by hundreds of glacial lakes but now I'm too far away to enjoy it.

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