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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 23, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    When are pigs going to fly?

    Thought I'd try a new thread seeing as posts seem to keep disappearing on others.

    OP, thanks for the detailed response to my question, I got it via email notification even if it doesn't show up on the thread. My oh my it's a complicated affair full of smoke and mirrors eh? I'm similarly astounded by the deceit and gullibility, the more so the more I learn about this 'business'. Borderline criminal it would often seem. Your explanation of the situation seems pretty plausible, and it's good to hear a well thought out take on things. I must say, I do find the behind the scenes operation of the financial world a fascinating subject.

    I will spend a bit of time on stockchartsdotkom, thanks for the pointer. I'm still a fundamental/value investor at heart and I don't mind holding stocks I invest in for years until value outs. You can claim that fundamentals aren't linked to SP but I don't believe that for my time frame. Step back, forget the technicals and in the long term a company that makes money and has a future will see it's SP rise eventually, regardless of short term sentiment/manipulation. I'm sure you can make more money trading the ups and downs with your expertise, but I don't have the time or knowledge currently. You must have spent a lot of time on this in your life to develop such an understanding of the game!! Kudos to you for that. My purpose in learning more about TA is to help me with entry and exit strategy to maximise returns.

    I'm guessing that today isn't the retest, as it doesn't look like getting close enough (so far) to 6.55, but I will be watching for it.

    You can credit the shorts who got short on the rumour day all you want, I still think they're twits for posting their one liners. Can I ask you, do you think that their negative posts affect the SP to their benefit? I can only imagine that is their purpose in posting the drivel on here, to try and affect sentiment some way which will help their position? Maybe I'm wrong but surely what's posted on here has zero affect on the price action of a multi million dollar corporation? But why else do they post? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on that.

    In real life or on internet forums, I don't have any time for people who won't/can't back up what they say. It's like having a room full of toddlers shouting for toys.


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    • coreylynnh Jan 23, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

      I would contend they post as they do for an alternate purpose, to get a rise out of other posters. They post things that will get people mad or emotional which results in additional dumb replies back. They know they are frustrating people and that is what motivates them. It's like the guy who gets upset when people pick on him. Once they see they got him upset then the taunters become more and more relentless to see how worked up the person gets. The "so-called shorts", and I really don't believe they are short, are posting as they do because they know there are a lot of empotional and hurt people who have seen their money disappear as the stock drops. Ignore them and their posts will disappear because their motivation for making the posts will also disappear.

      I agree with you that if the company continues to grow and make money then the stock price will reflect that at some future point no matter how much manipulation or short term movement there is currently. There is an added risk, however, if the company makes changes because of stock price performance which negatively impacts the business long term.

      We will never know if onepoint truly profits far greater on technicals then a good long-term investor profits from their investments. I have used a strategy for a long time that gives me the returns I desire with the risk tolerance I can accept. I have never met a technical trader who has performed better with the same or less risk tolerance that I desire. Certainly I am open to learning different techniques and trying them out on paper trading systems. I appreciate that he shared some resources in a former post. If it can be incorporated into my strategy, or perhaps entirely change my perspective, to make better returns then I will be grateful.

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      • Thanks for your thoughts Corey. Getting a rise out of people may be their primary objective I suppose. I find that a bit hard to believe but then maybe that's because that sort of behaviour is so far removed from my own mindset. Anyway, agreed that it's best to ignore them, unfortunately it doesn't seem to make their posts disappear (Yahoo probably does a better job of that!!!)! I couldn't really care if they're long or short but shame on them if that really is their motivation.

        The risk of the company changing strategy due to declining SP is certainly a valid one. Here's a question, do you think a company is best ignoring it's share price/stock market performance and concentrate on day to day business, or should it acknowledge SP issues and try and tackle them? SKUL certainly seems to be taking the former option to date! Who knows, necessity being the mother of invention, perhaps the SP troubles may provide more incentive/drive to management to keep the company going full steam ahead and eventually prove the shorts wrong. Or maybe that's the job of all these free bar parties I keep hearing about!

        From my experience, OP has been nothing but helpful to anyone that's asked so props to him for that. As for strategy, you hit the nail on the head when you say, as long as you get your desired return, for a risk level acceptable to you, that's what's important. Long/Short/TA/Value/Growth is all much of a muchness, whatever floats your boat as they say.

    • I think they might be trying to get off the ground now...

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