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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Jan 26, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    Short interest numbers

    As a side note here, I am NOT a short squeeze pumper. I just find that these numbers all are statistical DATA (yes OP, I get that part too).

    1/15/2013 5,719,511 1,211,722 daily volume 4.720151 days to cover
    12/31/2012 6,022,173 390,046 15.439648

    Decrease of 5%

    I'm Shocked at the limited amount of shorts interest decrease with the massive volume and price plunge over the period. I'm curious how much was NEW positions added and covering OLD positions that occurred during the period?

    The loan rate is at 10% (or less) now vs. a high of near 40% - these % indicated estimates basd on large block barrowing, not 100 shares pieces.

    One thing (and I agree with OP on this one) is that the floor was clearly established yesterday. I was shocked when the stock ran up 1% after the bounce down to the brief 6.30's. Even with the down grade.

    The rest of the day was typical price manipulation slow and steady down.

    What I read from this is WHEN the dark pool and volume traders get in (up or down) it doesn't take much to swing this stock. The rest of the time, this stock is just manipulated by small trade transactions.

    Look at the charts and see the 1 cent bounces for periods of time. I remember one day when it lasted for most of the day, a straight line. That was buyers (dark pool) not nipping at the game being played by MM and the like. Not uncommon for large cap companies but a micro-cap like SKUL, red flag city for regulators....


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