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  • lesspheus lesspheus Feb 4, 2013 1:57 PM Flag


    onepoint272 keeps posting non-sense. He claims that fundamentals do not matter. He claims that he does not see a benefit to buying back a very fundamentally cheap stock. I do not believe for a minute that he is as idiotic as he sounds. Math, logic, and reality do not matter? Certainly emotions and manipulation hold sway in the short term, but fundamentals win in the long run and SKUL's price is fundamentally very cheap. I believe that onepoint272 is trying to depress the price to get in lower before earnings. He is a bull in a bear's clothing. He may post some ridiculous reply to this, but it will just be a bunch of lies.

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    • coreylynnh Feb 5, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

      "Now you attack me again because I didn't warn the board as the SOW happened on New Years Eve Day.....therefore SOS's and SOW's don't really happen or are somehow useless."

      OP - I never attacked you. I never claimed to say your way is poppycock. Re-read my posts with this mindset and you will see I never claim what you say is false, just that I don't understand it nor have I seen that it has worked in any way that a retail investor like me can use it.

      Also, I never brought up the Dec. 31st issue, you did with the statement it was a clear SOW. Maybe to you it is clear, but you cannot say after the fact it was clear to those who have no idea what a clear SOW is and then expect us to believe your methodology works.

      "Well guess what trading over the holidays is fruitless"

      I disagree, I made a killing on INTC, WMT, and MSFT weekly options that holiday week. I was even put on WMT stock at 67.5 when the stock closed at 67.61 on Dec. 28th. I turned around and sold a 67.5 WMT weekly call for .70 and got called away that next week. Chi-ching and thanks for the idiot who put the stock on me when it was trading above the strike price.

      "Besides I had previously described in detail what to look for. I can't be held responsible for the thick-headed-ness of others. I could point out more SOW's and SOS's but look at charts yourself, they happen over and over."

      When did I hold you responsible? I only pointed out that saying after the fact "see I told you so" does not fly for me. You posted that Dec. 31st was a clear ringing but assume everyone knows everything you do. Well, we don't! That is the point.

      If you felt I was attacking you when I posted "why do you feel you need to keep defending yourself?", my intention was not an attack. I can see how it can be construed as such, so I apologize for that confusion. I was merely asking why you feel the need to defend your position and methodology. There is no need to. Those who believe or understand will continue to do so. Those who don't believe and don't understand will continue to be skeptical and in some cases downright derogatory. Never have I said an ill word against you, just challenged your methodology.

    • coreylynnh Feb 5, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

      Michael, I agree P/E is not an apples to apples comparison across industries in my opinion, that is why I compare P/E to the average of the industry, i.e. compared to its competitors. Never has SKUL had a P/E greater than its competitors since I have been tracking it.

      lesspheus, my indicators, all of which work very well for blue chippers, showed SKUL at a great value at about 11. I sold puts at an 11 strike price for a nice 5% premium when the stock was 12.50 and I was thinking I had very good downside protection. I made the mistake of selling those puts pre-earnings. I still was able to sell some calls and lower my cost basis some more but I was shocked the price came down to as low as it has. I hope Seth is right and the turnaround is near.

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      • I wouldn't fault you for selling the puts when you did. I do the same sort of thing regularly. I just like to have a larger margin of safety than you did. I love to find situations like what SKUL is in right now. This is a great opportunity here.

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      • That EC and stock movement BEFORE the EC was suspect. it was a few hours before any news WAS to be public and it was like someone e-mailed a 'tip". I was caught with my pants and jaw down as well. urggg

        I know the above statement is pure speculation, but I have watched pre earnings movement on many many stocks and that one was like "ok guys dump dump dump - I have the scoop"

        I was looking at P/E's of several companies this morning and I can tell you that with this recent run up in the market some are getting silly to the high side.

        SKUL sets up nice if WS goes fishing for some value. Just saying

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    • goldenseth Feb 4, 2013 5:40 PM Flag


      Well said! I am of the same mindset as you, short term pain could certainly lead to long term gain. I expect margin erosion through higher SG&A, I expect incremental market share erosion before ascending once again. I believe the analyst covering SKUL have been behind the curve since the IPO, not recognizing the shift in consumer dynamics and how it could affect the company and now not recognizing the company's shift toward addressing the issues. Current valuations are quite enticing based on a longer term outlook and the company bringing mainstream Skullcandy products, with Skullcandy faithful users to the gaming realm. Presently the Turtle Beaches of the industry reside mainly in that industry. As gaming consumers expand gaming sales, buying accessories and the such, they will carry with them the Skullcandy story in this space and this is what has been largely overlooked.

      In the past the Skullcandy gamer had no Skullcandy gaming product, going forward they will and by the dozens as we bore witness to at the CES.

    • spotifyjim Feb 4, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

      he isn't that bad really! a bit one sided for sure but so are lots on here. certainly doesn't believe in fundamentals, possibly he can't see the wood for the trees, but that's his perspective. i don't reckon he's trying to manipulate anything here, just believes that his is the best strategy. at least he posts informative, well reasoned views.

    • coreylynnh Feb 4, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

      Although I am critical of onepoint, I also think his perspective is very different from you and I and therefore we do not understand him at all. I agree fundamentals eventually win out. His perspective is to watch what big money people do because they control the stock price. With SKUL I totally agree, it is small enough and fundamentals do not work in the short term, or possibly even intermediate term (i.e. even years as seen with the continous drop since IPO). He also believes big money manipulation happens with every stock. I find it hard to believe that a huge contingent of big money can manipulate AAPL the way that SKUL is manipulated. In any event, I cannot totally discount anybody's theories. There are only a small percentage of people who know the market and its entire mechanics to a point they can make billions off of it. I am not one of them, therefore I understand I do not know the market as well as some people out there. I know it enough to get the return I desire, but not enough to feel secure and retire as a trader. I am therefore always seeking to learn more if possible. I would love to be put under the wing of someone like Warren Buffet, but since that won't happen I will continue using my strategies that work well while seeking to learn more. So although I have a different viewpoint from onepoint I still appreciate the input he gives.

    • closing over 6.60 today

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    • lol i agree, but these boards have no impact on the pps, especially when so many institutional investors are on board and SKUL is buying back shares

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