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  • bigturtle3 bigturtle3 Feb 4, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    What's up old timers?

    I miss you guys - well everyone except for onepoint - I finally bit the bullet and bought back in here after a long time at 6.50$ so now we are destined to go below $6 -ha! I keep using the Skullcandy product and telling other people about it and universally this is a great product that everyone is impressed with - too bad the stock is so awful - Maybe it tried to double bottom at 6.37 on Friday? Dunno -

    No idea what the future holds but figure I will hang around for earnings and see if these guys can finally get their act together - a friend saw them present in FL and said he was pretty unimpressed - sounds like they are placing a bunch of emphasis on gaming - I will take a buyout at 10$ a share...

    Anyone else still hanging around here?

    Turtle -

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    • Did you not sell the naked Dec. PUTS last year? If yes, Aren't you down close to 50%? or did you take your loss and cover your puts?

    • I'm relatively new but would love to see a buyout at $10, too .... to break even.

    • Turtle,

      I know you miss me man.

      You took a reasonable shot at $6.50. I didn't take it because on Friday it was pushing on the low, $6.34, with higher volume. Tells me there is still supply.

      You apparently thought supply dried up so you should expect it to jump out of the gate today on that near-test, but it's not.......demand is not proving itself.

      Also, it needs to get back and close inside the range of Jan 2nd, above $6.55, pronto. But so far today it's not showing demand. If it's not back up there by tomorrow, Tuesday' close, it's probably going lower.

      I believe I'll wait for a test of $6.34 and see if it can close above it on lower volume.

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      • yeah your right i kinda miss you onepoint - kinda -

        I will buy more if it bounces around 6.35$ - i mean I dont think someone will buy this thing but taking it private around 10 bucks a share makes sense - does seem like they will finally try and make a stand with some share buybacks at the con call - that being said these guys are getting walloped by new competition - Their shelf space at the apple store was almost non-existent when I was in there last week -

        My new love lately has been Leapfrog (LF) - earnings come out in a few days - Leapfrog will be my new heartbreak for 2013 - the stock I love and use with a good brand and good fundamentals that destroys me - Got a LeapPad2 for the little one for Xmas - she loves it - she watches movies on her LeapPad with her Skullcandy Hesh's - then of course she borrows my aviators and gets pizza sauce all over them ... good times -

        Turtle -

      • markets down over 100 points and SKUL is finally at even or up today, looks like the turn around before earnings begins today!!!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • BTW - If you go to their website under investor relations and presentations, there is a pdf basically highlighting their pitch. Agree, they sure do put a heavy focus on gaming

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Turtle - I'm here (wish I would have gotten out when you did) :(

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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