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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 Feb 6, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    Anyone buying this today?

    I'm super long, and see it dropping every day. When will this pig up and run like NFLX???

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    • I bought in yesterday..I always buy good stocks at their 52 week low (or near it) if this goes like all my other stocks it will go down some more then stay near the same pps for awhile and then it will start to move up...unless the next earning report is really good then it could move up sooner than expected....some positive news though I have never lost money using my system.

    • I'm in at a couple % higher than today's close. Waiting for a serious drop before I buy more.

      All the analysis on this stock seems to be written for an overinflated tech-stock situation -- agonizing over whether future growth is going to drop to 'only' 20% per year and so forth. Either there's a lot of comedy writers out there or biz journalists don't get that $1 in earnings doesn't need *any* growth to be worth $6.50!

    • Accumulating here. Earnings report will result in a huge move higher and additional buyout rumors could bring us above 10 in a short period of time.

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    • had a bid in at $6.40 and pulled the plug about 5 minutes before it was going to get filled at 3:50 pm ... just didn't like the days action and really didn't want to hold overnight- rather buy in the morning with better visibility as to how it is behaving.... it has to be getting close to the bottom.... would like to see it challenge the 52 week low and then bounce up...i am getting ready to load up

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      • 1 Reply to lottaluckeh
      • I'd expect this to perform with the market until earnings come out. Then all bets are off, but I can't imagine this tanking much further unless earnings look like a total disaster.

        I don't really see this as a tech stock entirely, it is and it isn't. Speaker technology is so well developed at this point that it's more of a mundane sector than people think. There have been refinements over the last few decades, but there are 20-30 year old speakers that are/were just as good as anything out now. I include headphones in the same category as speakers by-the-way. My point is that this is a heck of a lot less volatile than offering tablet computers etc.

        Another reason I don't feel too concerned is that Skullcandy isn't and never was a brand relying on huge margins on their product like Apple. I don't feel that erosion in pricing power will be a serious risk since they are already competitively priced.

        All in all, I think this will probably earn decent profits going forward without too much excitement over the long haul unless they pursue additional business ventures. That makes the P/E multiple look fairly good from a buying perspective.

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