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  • kronger99 kronger99 Feb 13, 2013 12:14 AM Flag


    I was in Future Shop which is in Canada and owned by Best Buy. I was shocked at the competition in this space, not too mention Skull is not in Future Shop but is in Best Buy. But yes the competion is unreal, i was going to write down all the names but i would say there were over 10 that had their own advertising stations with product below, also other companies coming out with colours, so not sure how will play out.

    I still revert back to management, when many upper managment were leaving, you have to ask the question why, then the CEO leaves, no one leaves a potential fortune, with the CEO leaving that is just another silent message stating the obvious.

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    • No doubt competition exists. But don't you make the same realizations when you walk into Sports Authority to purchase a pair of tennis shoes? Many choices and lots of compeition, but the well branded companies remain (Nike, addidas,) and consumers are willing to pay and choose a company because of its brand. Not saying Skul is a Nike, but that is long term goal of Skul.

      That reputation takes time and I believe Skul is making progress and that's the value I see in them as an investor.

      I feel strongly the CEO did leave his potential fortune, but was strongly encouraged to seek other opportunities outside the company:)

    • Low barriers to entry leads to high competition, one needs to find their target market and use the classic 4 Ps of marketing to win and force others out. Can Skul do this? They have seemed to thus far, longs would say yes.

    • First of all, on the website it says they have SIX different models IN STORES. I will not argue, the space is very competitive. What separates skullcandy is the branding and cult like following. Xtreme sports, hipsters, skaters etc.. Also, Their website is incredible; Nearly 2M facebook likes. None of Your competitors at Future Shop with the exception of Beats are in the ballpark. If this stock was at $11 I wouldnt be an investor. I have a target of 9.50 to 10 based strictly on the numbers and the marketing. If you want to make 50% on ur $ before Sept 1, get in before 6.85.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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