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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Feb 13, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    Bot Some Skullcandy 'Titans'

    Following another's user's recommendation, which makes a lot of sense. Everybody (long & short) should buy some & if you care to, post reactions.

    Titans sound surprisingly good. $40 at Radio Shack. I had expected them to be kiddie trash with skulls on them, but no they're decent mid-range gear ... with a particular bass-heavy, treble-light sound. My main headphones are Audio Technica ATH-M50s, and granted the ATs sound better but they were $140. But ... I have to admit after I listen on the Titans for an hour or so, it's a little disappointing to come back to the more accurate (but less fun) sound of the Audio Technicas. I don't own any Audio Technica stock, so maybe that's part of the difference!

    The Titans' housings are metal, the earphones are nice, pleasant to handle and have good appearance. The build quality looks good but not great -- cord (& attachment to earphone housing) isn't flimsy but does't look really sturdy either. Cord keeps itself untangled very nicely so far. Best I've used for cord-detangled-staying, for whatever that's worth. Thought and care went into these things, believe it or not!

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    • Thanks! A friend of mine bought Smokin buds to replace his Titans and he stated he was impressed how they matched the Titans sound (almost) but were so reasonably priced. I use 50/50 mostly (as the name implies they are tuned pretty much even on the treble / bass). The ink'd heavy bass is for that skate / ski boarding group that likes hat "thump and pump" while out shredding.

    • Skullcandy Ink'd at $20 are ... well, decent build but poor sound quality with skulls on them. These are so bass-heavy & treble-light that they're muffled instead of fun. For me. Compare the (admittedly really excellent value) Monoprice 8320 earphones at $7 + shipping, those may look hideously uncool but they have much clearer sound. (The Monoprices are a steal though, they're better than a lot of $50 headphones. Get those if you're over 25 and really like cheap good sound.)

    • That was me. Thanks for doing this. I always like it when there is a tangible way to be involved with my investments. It gives me a better feel for them.

      You should post your review (sans the first paragraph) on Amazon and/or other sites to give some 5 star (wink) feedback to other potential buyers.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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