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  • lesspheus lesspheus Feb 14, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    Admitted short OnePoint is trying hard to bash today

    Admitted short OnePoint is trying hard to bash today.

    What's up #$%$? Your all caps posts aren't enough to keep this fantastic deal down.

    I told _everyone_ that you were full of it. Trying to scare people with your total #$%$ analysis. You apparently fooled quite a few though, so good job!!!

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    • coreylynnh Feb 14, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

      Lesspheus, I don't see a lot of spin there, just a case for stock depreciation. Which of those points are not facts? Perhaps the part about the insiders going on a selling BINGE may not be totally accurate and may be considered a spin. Same with the "worst news of all" comment. Insiders are selling, how much is planned and how much is "getting out of Dodge" is debatable. There may be more than 1 reason for pushing back the earnings call. Calling them a spin in their entirety is ignoring information. Pointing out how certain pieces may be spin is another thing.

      Some of those points, however, can have two sides to the coin both positive and negative. I can see how presenting them as a culmination of a negative can be perceived as "spin". But I also see OP trying to build a case against stock appreciation. He could be right. He could be wrong.

      For me, I tend to ignore news as white noise unless there is fundamental change within that news. Downgrades, CEO stepping down, etc. do not really change the business model. Fundamentally the stock and company look good yet. But all of the points OP makes does illustrate one thing: SKUL carries a lot of risk. That's not an earth-shattering comment, but worth a re-evaluation of the risk you place on this stock. So is the potential reward worth the potential risk? That is what every good investor must consider and decide upon. So the main question to anyone who is long SKUL, what will you do if the stock moves significantly in either direction? What if it climbs to $8? What if it drops to $5? At what point do you sell? Is the reward greater than the risk? That is an answer each invester must ask themselves based on the information they have.

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      • So, lets just say that you go out with OP to dinner. You don't have any money and tell OP that you'll pay him back later. He spots you for your Big Mac. He stabs you in the neck with a ball point pen. You scream out in agony and then die.


        1) Coreylynnh borrows money from me and promises to pay me back.
        2) Coreylynnh never payed me back.
        3) Coreylynnh screamed at me at McDonalds
        4) Coreylynnh got blood in my ketchup and never apologized, nor even let me know. That was extremely rude as I found out by tasting it.
        3) Coreylynnh broke my pen.
        4) Coreylynnh never compensated me for the pen.
        5) Coreylynnh would not speak to me after dinner.
        6) I never said a single unkind word to Coreylynnh.

        How could anyone like Coreylynnh? Isn't is clear by the facts that Coreylynnh is evil? What is up with that $#$#!@ ???

        Coreylynnh, are you just playing dumb here? OP has an obvious agenda and puts major spin on everything. You seem nice enough. I hope that you are not as ignorant as you appear. Well, I'm going to make a killing here, so it doesn't matter what you say.

      • Well thought out post Corey!

    • coreylynnh Feb 14, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

      I am confused. OP posts information he thinks makes the stock look bad, says he shorts it, and then gets bashed for it? Is the bad news he has posted all lies? Isn't this information readily available to the public? Rather than criticize him for thinking the stock is going down, shouldn't you try to refute the information and/or his logic behind why he thinks the stock is dropping? To blindly ignore information is not a good investment strategy, is it?

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      • His reasoning is incorrect. His motives are all wrong. I do not have the time to refute his lies.

        I do not blindly ignore _valid_ information. B$ that is spewed by OnePoint is very safe to ignore. Pay attention to him at your own peril.

        The stock is not going down from my perspective. I have already a decent profit. How it went from near $18 to under $6 in a year does not matter. I did not participate in that. My concern is about where it is going from here. That should always be everyone's concern. What happens next is what matters.

        You can live in the past and pay attention to all the misinformation you wish, but I use my brain to make $$$$.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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