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  • spotifyjim Feb 25, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    OP - Entry / Exit

    OP, just wondering if you would care to share (in laymans term!) what it was that convinced you to go long on Friday? Did you see a SOS? How long do you see yourself staying long for (presuming you're still in)? And what will you wait for before you sell? I thought you were wary of the risk of holding through to earnings are reported, or do you see that as negated as some of the main earnings numbers (EPS) seem to have been released before the full monty on 7th March.

    Watch any good movies on the weekend?! I watched the Iron Lady, which could certainly be used as the basis for many an economic discussion! Happy Monday all.

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    • OP does not know what the heck he's talking about. if you believe him you would have lost a ton.

    • Thursday and Friday of last week it came down in the AM and closed above mid-range. The volume was light compared to what it is going against that being Feb 11th....They just didn't seem to have what it takes to get it down for a retest of 5.98. Also, on Friday, it got under Feb 11th and into the whole-body candle of Feb 8th. If you drop down to 30-minute sticks you'll see that Fryday's 6.15 low was a test of the top of the stopping bar of Feb 8th. The test was on much lighter volume and closed above it. Can it still build cause to get down to test 5.98? Yes, I suppose. But on a monthly sticks, the Jan low is 6.34; that should be the battle ground for the February close.

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      • spotifyjim Feb 26, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

        Thanks OP, didn't mean to draw you in for criticism here! I get the gist of what you've described,. It took a little playing with some charts but if you spend a bit of time looking at it you might learn something tddhrris. I'm not saying it all makes sense to me but it's easy to criticise something you don't understand.

        On the other hand, to OP this stuff doubtless seems pretty simple as he's so familiar with it. It's not easy to explain to a novice how to do what is actually relatively complicated analysis. Ever tried explaining to a kid how to do something that you can do without thinking twice? I'm no good at it.

        Well, thanks anyway OP. I still doubt I'll be able to spot your entry/exit signals but interesting none the less!

      • How in the world could that diarrhea of the mouth be considered "layman's terms"??? OP, you need a communication director stat. Would you putting those candles and sticks (technicals) where the sun don't shine?

        Sentiment: Hold

      • The S&P looks like it is confirming an ABC-Down......the volume on the futures are greater than Feb 21st (the B-point). Volume on SKUL is light.

    • Margaret could be a great help in this country about now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a large common holder but have added 1400 shares to what I had prior the last two days....Risk/reward heavily tilted in the longs favor is my view.....and in high percentages!

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