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  • chaz16669 chaz16669 Feb 26, 2013 5:33 PM Flag


    I saw nothing positive in Zagg's after hours earnings release and yet the stock is up a good bit. Without question Skul's balance sheet, earnings, margins and sales are all better than Zagg.

    Zagg has a stock buyback in place. Assuming Skul implements a buyback, there is no fundamental reason why skul should not be trading at a higher price than Zagg.

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    • Zagg is now responding more in line with its earnings report. Not horrible, but nothing I saw that should have sent the stock running up like it did.

      Sad thing is that it's sentiment mirrors that of Skul. Despite decent fundamentals and being undervalued, it's getting no love. Institutions don't want to touch these companies for fear of them not succeeding and being squeezed out of business...a short term fad. I think retailers who are closer to the products and customers feel differently cuz we see the demand and popularity. However, we don't have the money to move the stock.

      Skul desparately needs to implement the stock buy back. IMO that's all that will move this stock up and change the opinion of institutions.

    • They beat top line revenue for Q4 smoked 4Q estimate and raised 2013 Guidance. SKUL hasn't even given 2013 guidance. Are going to be light by .20 a share (GAAP) vs. 2012 estimate and .07 light (GAAP) vs. 2011 actual. We have no indication of Revenue miss except of lowering guidance to 290-300 million full year on SKUL. Profitability wise YES SKUL is equal to ZAGG. Reporting vs guidance.they pooped the bed! I'm not even going to get into the share dilution and insider selling and compensation.

      ZAGG shares increased going ino earnings. SKUL has continued the slide with a little over a week left till reporting. This usually is an indication of post earnings direction. Watch close to if Alden's 700,000 shares get sold and when.

      Just have watched this stock too long to not see the warning signs. Preparing to lighten up on my holdings. All this is IMO

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      • I would be shocked if Alden actually pulls the trigger and sells his shares at this point.

      • Apples to Apples Skul's numbers will smoke Zagg. Zagg makes multiple adjustments (stock comp, amortization, etc.) to its net income to arrive at some eps. Skul would make over a $1 EPS at 4Q with these equivalent adjustments. Zagg made 1 cent EPS at 4Q versus the 41 cents EPS that Skul will make for GAAP.

        And Skul will meet an already increased revenue estimate. I'm not saying this should make Skul's share price bounce, but there's nothing I see in the earnings release that justifies the 10% pop today. Fundamental wise, Skul's share price should be higher than Zagg.

      • "SKUL has continued the slide with a little over a week left till reporting. This usually is an indication of post earnings direction."

        Hogwash! Sell all your shares and go short, if that is what you believe. Why do you own this stock still if you see it continuing to slide down? You want to lose money? You can send me all the cash you wish directly.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • From your lips to God's ears. Seems like a very reasonable request/forecast and we've been waiting on this CFO to show his skills. Shameful if they can't claw back some pps....quickly.

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