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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Mar 1, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    Earnings per share

    Going by shares outstanding at year end not the misleading "weighted average shares outstanding," we have

    2011 income $18.6M, earnings per share out at year end $0.68 shares out at year end 27.26M
    2012 projected income $26M, projected earnings per share out a year end $0.93, proj sh out at year end 28M

    Incredible performance. Way to go SKUL.

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    • Astral, I get it but I had to read it three times. Are you okay? This is not your usual coherent writing style.

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      • Onepoint, lol, yeah, I noticed that message is hard to decode. I think I'm losing my will to communicate in this forum.

        Responding to your points about shorts today. I think possibly we see it in similar ways right now. There's been a temporary illusion that shares outstanding have been growing as fast as income for several years. (All mid-year IPOs create the same illusion. Experienced folks are familiar with it but the public is not.) Early shorts did a brilliant job of making money out of that illusion. But it can't last forever, because ... the supply of new shares was a one-time event in July 2011. There isn't any supply of shares on the radar screen now* that can even come close to absorbing 30%+ income growth per year.

        But ... left clinging to the illusion are maybe (a) less experienced shorts who never quite got the whole point, (b) longs battered by the long slide downward who can't believe we'll ever see $15 again, and (c) anybody who just looks at the chart and says "wow this one's a goner."


        *Of course you never know what might happen, but a "second IPO" is very rare for a company that's profitable!

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