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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Mar 3, 2013 10:20 AM Flag


    They have started the launch process on their web page. Coming in April (as I said before). There are about 50 testimonial video clips you can watch. Some are pretty funny. "Bass you can feel".

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    • Not the same thing, but reminds me. Got the "Skullcrushers" headphones to see what Skullcandy had at the $70 price point. They are really pretty nice. Good sound ... though I still prefer my $140 Audio Technicas. But the crazy thing is, my wife LOVES theSkullcrushers. They have a separate adjustment for the subwoofer volume, which is great. A kid *could* set the things to mega-bass, but an adult who is in (say) her 40s can set it just to make the low bass work really well with classical, or talk on NPR. Which is what she uses them for. I've tried it myself, and having just the right amount of really low bass is very pleasant. Makes voices sound very lifelike. And of course each user will enjoy the sound because they can set it for their taste.

      Anyway, so this is another point for the Nice Product column from Skullcandy. It's not #$%$ and it's not overpriced. (To folks who always knew Skullcandy's stuff was not overpriced #$%$, I apologize for my repeated surprise. It's just what I had assumed when I first bought the stock.) It's good sound for the money -- especially with the special feature of a separately adjustable subwoofer which I haven't even seen when shopping for audiophile headphones.

    • Nice to have you back, Michael. Please don't leave again.

      I really do appreciate your news alerts. I was happy when you first announced the April 1st release date for Crushers and now that you let us know that the web marketing has begun.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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