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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Mar 6, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    Product introductions - Earnings

    We haven't heard how SKUL did yet with the roll out of the Navigators (at $99) or the SLYR and PLYR 2 gaming sets. Yet to released are the PLYR 1 and the Skullcrushers. All these sets are $99 and above. These numbers will be reflected going forward from tomorrows 2012 numbers as they are all (pretty much) launched or launching in Q1 and Q2.

    I also notes that Astro has just announced a clothing line which should generate some income as well (how much remains to be seen).

    I also see that they are refreshing some of there product/packaging as well (continued new style/design).

    International sales going forward should look better as Europe has turned more positive economically...

    The 2012 number I want to hear is the revenue and did they get in that 290-300 million range or did they blow past it? Andrus did state in November they are taking a conservative stance on guidance (back in November). I know they reiterated the low end of the earnings guidance...

    Just some thoughts here...

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    • Also tons of new Skullcandy trademark applications for non-headphone lifestyle type products. I've always said that this is a licensing play. The skull is HOT. People are getting tattoos with this. You can never put a price on 'cool'. Notice how their website does not have anything other than the Skull logo in the header, no Skullcandy written or anything. Kind of like the Nike swoosh. Normally hot brands trade at 20+ multiples, some like Lulu lemon much higher. A 6 multiple is a joke, especially with no debt and impressive sales growth.

    • Hey Michael, check out OFF-AXIS, new trademark applied for about a month ago by Skullcandy. Looks like they are making a move into hands-free mobile accessories. I also note about 20 patents for them that have been published, including some very unique headphone designs. People who keep saying 'nothing proprietary' are in for a rude awakening one of these days. I know I'm one of the Seeking Alpha writers who has consistently been calling a bottom in this name, but eventually logic always takes over. The key is not to panic out or get margined (happens to the best of us). Hang in there...

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      • Thanks, Charles.

        OFF-AXIS may simply be another brand name like 2XL. Most Skullcandy products already allow hands free use of an iPhone, so the description does not provide any new information to me. You say that Skullcandy has tons of new trademark applications. What other ones?

        Do you have patent numbers for any interesting Skullcandy patents? I've done a quick search and found several design patents, which are not major. What technology patents do they have?

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      • Charles,

        We all have been calling bottoms in this stock :) I have been calling it since 12. My take is that Andrus was just rehashing the same old line "Authenticity" and not very investor friendly with his comments. In the back ground they were and are now, at an increased pace innovating. They seemed to be dragging on new product launches and I would bet that was Andrus departure and that focus internal at the board and management level. That issue is over. I expect Alden will regale the market with all the new products and marketing they are implementing, thus "selling" the brand again. This is a good thing.

        This company grew at a rapid pace, and there was some growing pains along the way. Wescoat is an expert on sourcing and logistics and this will bring some savings in the cost of goods front.

        Are they going to blow out the year and next quarter? Probably not, but they are going to show strong results going forward. The stock buyback is a safety net they have set in case the market still doubts them.

        I would like to see some insider buying after the earnings call, perhaps a restructuring of compensation objectives...

        Beats isn't dominating as much as their products are on fire sale everywhere I go. There will be others enter, but as you stated, they have a loyal following and a lifestyle demographic.

        It may take awhile....

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