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  • robertotomasino Mar 8, 2013 10:58 AM Flag


    by who?

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    • I would think there is interest, however management probably thinks it's worth alot more than a buyer would pay today. Skul is a popular brand and growing, plus they make a quality product. Just need to redirect their marketing focus. Great product, bad stock. I wonder why a Nike or Under Armour wouldn't gather up some lose change and buy them. With their marketing channels, they could push Skul pretty easy.

      Target audience loves skul and cares less about their channel problems and stock price. Fads can change quickly (apple), so the right innovation in marketing and things can turn quickly. Not saying that's gonna happen, but they're in the game.

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      • Not trying to steal any thunder from Charles, but I have thought for awhile of the possibility that Nike or Under Armour should acquire Skul. Nike has a couple billion in cash....Skul would be chump change.

        I think Alden would love to sell Skul to a much larger company to leverage marketing and distribution, but can't find a purchaser willing to offer what he wants. Slick move to hire a Nike exec to help facilitate a possible sale. But I don't believe for a minute that Nike "offered" up an exec to gain more knowledge about a possible purchase. Hoby took the opportunity to be a CEO. Just a logical career move.

      • The brand does have loyalty and they are priced right for the sound quality. I am hoping that Rick implements his marketing strategy soon. I just went to their web site and on top of the 10% off everything deal now in effect....

        The have cool ads for the new Rick Fanning fixed ears and Crushers... but then they have a main photo that flashes with cheesy pink and low end headsets with monkeys on them. I know there are customers out there that buy these things (very young kids), but that isn't the brand authenticity for active sports/lifestyles.

        The packaging was cheapened to the point of cheap (How they cut costs to keep the earnings moving).

        Complete reset here.... I cant believe Rick didn't catch this earlier... it is HIS BRAND. Shame shame...

        They will survive, the company will find its way. Beats will come and go away...

        As far as the stock price goes.... urgggggggg I wish I could sleep and wake up in 2014 right now!


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