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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Mar 27, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Crushers full release on Monday

    Boom Baby!!!

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    • Or is that an April Fool's joke?

      I will tell you why I'm excited about the Crushers.

      There is a huge demand for these bass heavy products. I read one review where somebody was faulting the tone while listening to Mozart, but clearly thats not where the consumer demand is at the moment.

      Very sweet price point at $99, with Beats like quality.

      Most importantly, the Skullcrushers continue to be a top seller for Skullcandy, despite the fact that they are universally hated by all review sites.

      If the Crushers are even a little bit better (and all accounts say that they are), then this will be a top seller for the company.

      The gap has been closed. The last couple days were days to load the boat as we sail into the Q1 conference. All my indicators tell me that this company will rise again, back to the IPO price and beyond.

      In 2009 Lulu Lemon was completely written off and trading in the low single digits until they performed a turnaround. The one thing I know about investing is to buy value companies at historic lows when pessimism is at its greatest and that is Skullcandy right now.

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