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  • tankstepp Apr 18, 2013 11:19 PM Flag


    I have held this stock while it has fallen off the last 3 cliffs over the last 8-9 months and am going to continue to do so until I can either make some of my investment back or hopefully turn a profit. As a shareholder I feel we all have a duty to go ahead and buy a pair of crushers off of amazon or wherever you can find them (whats another 100 bucks to a 8-9k loss on your holdings?---- this guy)

    If not, at least take 5 minutes out of your day and give them a 5 star review anyway on amazon.

    It personally worries me a little bit that 2 weeks after a new product rollout there are only 6 amazon reviews (one a 1 star...)

    hoping for the best this ER (20 cent loss and the stock shoots up for 2 days lol?) but not expecting much...thanks

    First time posting hooray

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • coreylynnh Apr 19, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

      This will be my first post here in a while. I sold after hours at about 7 after last earnings and got out. I lost money overall but am glad I invested it elsewhere for a nicer return then letting it do nothing with SKUL.

      With that being said I am always amazed at the backwards thinking. You shouldn't buy a product because you have money in the company's stock. It really should be the other way around, you bought a product and really liked it, then bought the stock because it looked good too. Buying the product hoping it will help the stock price is a very poor return on your money. Of course, if you wanted a product like the crushers then fine, but don't buy it just to help the stock price. Not only did you spend that $100 which results in a profit of maybe $20 for the company, but then taxes take another 40-50% from that. Now you are left with a $10 profit to the company for your $100 investment which is not distributed back to investors at all with a dividend. So all a $100 investment you made will do is make the earnings look $13 better, and earnings are not driving the price of this stock at the moment. As OP said, investing that $100 in more stock would be a much bigger bang for your buck there, that is if you spent the $100 only as an investment in SKUL.

    • Of course it would be more effective to use the $100 to buy 19 shares of the stock. A few things I've learned about the stock market. One, the market exists to take the most amount of money from most of the people. Two, what goes up must come down; but what comes down doesn't always get back up. Three, when price falls off the top with volume stop thinking and sell asap.

      This past Christmas I bought 5 Samsung Galaxy S-3's. I understand they are quite popular as evidenced by the decline of Apple stock since then. The S-3's came with some pretty good in-ear phones but I expect they will not last forever and a replacement cycle has or will begin soon. Of course, SKUL needs to be "out there" at eye level amongst all the other choices. The more publicity they can leverage with the Crushers the better for the whole product line.

    • Keep the faith Bro- people need headphones now and again...

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