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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Apr 29, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

    49.3K at $5.20

    April 3rd, 14:13:39 central time....93,300 shares @ $5.22

    April 29th, 9:05:49 central time....49,300 shares @ $5.20

    During the minute of the 49,300 block trade a total of 62,359 shares went off between $5.19 and $5.20.
    During the following minute 114,318 shares were traded between 5.18 and 5.25.

    The closing price was 5.22.

    High volume prices get hit again and again and again.

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    • On the daily chart, this past Friday it tested the March 8th $5.06 low which had 7.45M shares. It printed a spinning top candlestick with a close of $5.11 on only 273k (3.7% of the March 8th volume). Clearly a rejection of the low.

      Monday April 29th was an up day on 932k. A spinning top followed by an up day .... bullish. The price sliced thru and held the trigger line, the 8-day EMA, currently at 5.18.

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      • So, what stopped it? Why did it come back down? LIkely because of March 19th and trapped bagholders of April 11th and 12th

        March 19th was a gap up from the previous day's close of 5.33 to a high of 5.84 on 1.99M shares. If you look at the March 19th candle it only shows the low to the high, but the price action includes the gap. So, today it got into that gap and today's volume of 0.93M was going against that 1.99M shares of March 19th. It needed more than twice the volume to hold the high. There are also ready sellers from April 11th and 12th who unknowingly bought those manipulated (low volume) days and got trapped.

        Bottom line is that the CM, the Composite Man (composite of big operators) needs to clean out the baggies (the ready sellers, the resistance) in the top of the range in order to make conditions ready to break out of the range. No one can say this is long term bullish until March 8th's high of $5.78 is taken out and held with high volume.

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