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  • letsrollin2013 letsrollin2013 May 8, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    SHORT Squeeze Potential?? Need an Accurate and Updated SHORT count total for this Stock...Please help..

    Guys does anyone have an accurate updated SHORT count of shares and accurate % of float that the Shorts have on SKUL. I am looking at how this $28 Million Share Buyback in 2013 by Skull Mangement could really help the stock price take off. I think people are not realizing the value of the company buying back between 5 and 6 million shares at these prices...This could trigger a serious SHORT Squeeze in my opinion..

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    • Short interest is 3.55 million shares. Float is 16 million shares. Short interest is ~22% of float. There are ~ 28 million shares outstanding. Short interest is ~ 12.5% of total shares outstanding.

      All the info is readily available on the Nasdaq website.

      I would think they are going to be careful about a buyback until earnings turn positive again (Q3) and utilize any free cash for R&D and other related "reset" items first.

      ZAGG just F'd it up and bought back shares and the stock tanked based on profitability. That stock has a significantly higher short interest then SKUL.


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      • Thanks Michael it looks like the Short Interest is starting to dry up in SKUL a bit and it looks there is bottom resistance here at around $5.00. When Management does decide to do this buyback that is around 5 Million shares out of a 16 million share float. This could definitely trigger a SHORT Squeeze if the Share Buybacks are timed properly..

        SKUL will bounce back over $7.00 this year with this buyback IMO.