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  • stock_fanthom stock_fanthom May 18, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

    Outlook for Near Future ...

    The PPS has suffered 57.83% in last 12 months.
    This is enough blood on the floor to make any long to leave SKUL and present a holiday to shorts.
    However the stock this month up 5.17% and up 2.14% this week alone.
    This is a strong signal stock bottomed out and confidence building with new longs.
    Plus it puts doubt in shorting and I know I would not short here at this time.

    PPS has seen the support level and with shorts covering and new longs like me ... this stock heading up.
    Currently stock is spring loaded and longs will be making ton of of dough soon.

    Good luck to all longs.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hedge funds are starting to jump in (T2 Partners, Renaissance, PDT, Mario Cibelli and others...). The CEO and CFO have both bought shares on the open market. Eventually this will move, and will move quick with a huge move, once every long has given up hope. It always works this way.

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      • I think also the price targets can't be cut any further if this hits 6, companies are going to want to raise their price target so they dont look stupid. Once a stock hits a bottom and everyone has a negative outlook on the company their is only one way to go which is up. However most people are not brave enough to take a stock at the bottom until it starts to move upwards.

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