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  • picker.bottom picker.bottom Jun 13, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    OnePoint - Still holding?

    It could not break 5.85 and now setting lower highs and lower lows. There is still time and it will retest the 4.8-5 level soon. There is still time while you are up...

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    • Away from puter today so had to rely on stop. Got stopped but now looking to enter again...don't want to miss out on the opex rally.

    • picker.bottom don't be a knuckle head. Look at the 5 day chart and you will see that there was some unfinished business at the $5.50 range. Thats been taken care of...I've added shares (not as many as I would like without driving the price up) but momentum should push this back up to $5.85. With a little luck we break it. On a stock that trades as thinly as SKUL I would not concern yourself with lower highs higher lows, etc. It just doesn't work. I do believe what won't happen is a selloff with any conviction. This stock is hanging in a range. Filtering out the daily noise, I feel that SKUL presents a great buying opportunity right HERE. If the June qtr results don't please us, the guidance will. And guidance is what will drive this stock. (It certainly drove it down anyway) Don't let the Hush Hush of management fool anyone, the information I have researched regarding the direction of the company, although not published/released makes me a believer that we drift over the next month, and then higher prices are ahead. THIS STOCK WILL NOT TAKE A BATH.

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