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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Jul 1, 2013 2:04 AM Flag

    Some store count numbers - FYI

    Total number of stores - All carry Skullcandy Products

    Walgreens - 8000
    Radio Shack - 7500
    Game Stop - 6500
    Verizon - 2000
    Staples - 2000
    Target - 1750
    Office Depot - 1500
    Office Max - 1000
    Best Buy - 1000
    Zumiez - 500

    I am missing many many more that are carrying (and have carried) Skullcandy for years including news stands at airports, ski/surf/skate shops, sporting good stores etc. etc. etc. + Internet sales

    The above numbers are primarily US stores counts only!

    By the way Apple has 250 stores in the US and Walmart has 3800 (Apple has carried them obviously Walmart does not)

    My point is that there is a significant established distribution channel. This is what a potential suitor for a buyout is looking at!!! Sure "anyone can make headphones (Blah blah blah) but not everyone can get a distribution chain set up with this kind of magnitude (in any reasonable time period) it took Skllcandy 10 years to establish this.

    Plus - major retailers want dependable and consistent quality, pricing and DELIVERY. Skullcandy has and will continue to give them this!!! Branding and Brand names carry a value!!!

    Just the facts Jack... Just the facts!

    PS... You can see how important packaging and CHANGES in packaging is when you are talking this many Stores and Pegs... The packaging troubles with Skullcandy are serious and will take time to work out.

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      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Distribution and building credability with retailers is a huge part of the picture. Skullcandy paid $18m for its European distributor a couple years ago. The new packaging looks sharp. Consolidation on retailer shelves is happening. In-house audio technology is being taken seriously and is at a peak based on consumer feedback. Offices are being consolidated and the weak links are being flushed out starting with the CEO and his key officers. The brand continues to have strong recognition (Astro is also hotter than ever) and the company is awfully quiet about everything. More than earnings, I want to see if the hedge funds increased their positions during the quarter. The company was unsellable with Andrus at the helm and 2 offices with all these executives that did nothing. Clearly a turnaround is underway and the street can recognize this because they didn't punish the stock when these executives left as they would have normally. A catalyst will come, everybody needs to be patient.