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  • charlesmoscoe charlesmoscoe Aug 9, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    CEO buys 10,000 more shares

    Form 4 filed just a little while ago after hours. They were bought at $5.10. He also bought 10,000 at $5.45 last quarter.

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    • Hopefully he will continue this trend while the stock is still down at these levels. His "new team" including the new CFO, once/if/hired should also be a buyer. My stomach still churns though as the board hasn't bought anything. Perhaps they are too removed from the business at this point with their other interests with other companies etc. I did however note that Paschel and Grosso were granted pretty heavy options as well (to the tune of 2 million dollars once fully vested). I didn't read the details on those filings too deeply, but it looked like there was some direct ownership grants involved up font as well as a vesting period and stock performance was tied into the options. Lately any move that Hoby makes, I weigh in as how it would play out IF the company is sold. Obviously any stock grants and options that would vest upon ownership transfer could (but not always) signal laying the groundwork for a sale. Perhaps someone with more knowledge on these awards could elaborate on these filings.

      I also noted that there has been some press on above average call options on the stock. Perhaps PB or someone who plays the options markets could give their take?

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      • "Perhaps PB or someone who plays the options markets could give their take? "


        I don't any significant options activity to speculate on any potential upside. SKUL has been stuck between $5-$5.8 for so many months... I don't follow the fundamental story anymore and technically it looks like dead money for now. Maybe, an new innovative product can spark some Mojo back?

    • That can' t be bad news. Last quarter stock rose over 7% in the days following his initial purchase.

    • apologies for the double post.... for some reason my first post on this wasn't showing up so I reposted a longer message (thought maybe it was the spam filter on the board).

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