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  • forgetabout11 forgetabout11 Sep 21, 2013 12:07 PM Flag


    release of grand theft auto surpassed 1 billion in sales in just 3 days. record for entertainment industry.
    still not released in brazil or china yet.
    this has to be the reason for the pop as gaming is more alive than previously thought. people slept outside the stores for the release. astro will be big beneficiary.

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    • The reason for 1.8 million shares traded is a video game that has been announced for 6 months? No way. I am not saying a buyout is coming ... but now you are just grasping at straws... maybe charlie sheen called up someone and said blue horseshoe loves skullcandy?

      Turtle -

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      • "grasping at straws" who me?? sorry if i thought an all time 3 day record sales for any entertainment release may have had something to do with it. who cares if the product was announced 6 months or 6 years ago doesn't mean it would be successful as it was. get a clue

      • Turtle - I agree. I am pretty confident that SKUL is going to hit a home run with their gaming headsets (and other related releases?) for the holiday season. Two major gaming systems are being released for Christmas and there will be headphone buying to go along with that. SKUL seams to have made significant inroads into the gaming headphone sector.

        But... That is no reason for a 1.8 million share day (out of the blue on no news).

        Hopefully, Monday the picture will become clearer....

    • TTWO (Take two interactive the game developer) and GME (Game Stop) both took it on the chin Friday with Aprox 3 and 5% LOSSES (Sony was also down significantly) I had the same thought about the Grand Theft Auto release relating to SKUL. Although WHY out of the blue would that be factored in so late to the party when the likes of GME and TTWO have it already built in and everyone suffers a blow despite the news?

      APPL has been on a run since the release of the iPhone 5S and 5c, but SKUL has never been tied into the stock (per say).

      SKUL has run with ZAGG in the past (at times), but ZAGG has been a dud lately as well.

      Has to be internal news that leaked at SKUL IMO

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