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  • tddhrris tddhrris Sep 26, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    It's official

    This stock is legitimately frisky

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    • spotifyjim Sep 26, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

      Frisky or risky td?!! Not out of the woods quite yet in my opinion but on the right track. I've not been checking in here much of late but glad you agree that we seem to be showing some green shoots.

      OP's accumulation phase seems to have completed after being given enough time, as predicted with an SOS (even I recognised that one last Friday OP ;) volume that stands out on the chart right?!). Although I do get lost in some of the finer details, this Wyckoff chap does seem to have been a savvy reader of the volume and price action. Or in laymen terms, as I thought after that disastrous EC in March, this stock is a write off for a year, it'll only turn round when new strategies start to take effect. Hoby IMO seems to be making some smart moves, putting in place some significant (desperately needed) changes and setting up for a big Q4. This will be the litmus test of the turnaround's success or failure, if Q4 doesn't deliver then this could easily be sitting around this same level this time next year.

      However I'm optimistic that the market will start to revalue the company. Still no debt and still making money, lower SGA costs, reduced operating costs with move to more select product line, xbox/playstation new releases ensuring continued Astro growth, hopefully some more traction in international sales - all bode well for a continuing uptrend. With patience I think the company stands a good chance of staying a major player in it's established space. It does look like they may be lining up to go private but I'm not convinced that'll happen. Personally I think any offer would be disappointing to most shareholders, so I'd rather they turn it round themselves and give me my deserved share of future profits!!

      Good to see a decent bunch of posts and posters around here though, not as much drivel as there has been at times! Good luck everyone, keep those fingers crossed!

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