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  • valueinvesting123 valueinvesting123 Oct 7, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    Is this a joke? Down 4%?!?

    Skullcandy appoints a Wharton Business school grad who has been an executive at 2 publicly traded companies which have been acquired, he has great managing experience, he knows how to move products and market and to top it all off hes an expert in finance. He can assist Skullcandy in so many ways they werent capable of doing before. Also to mention Hoby just added another executive who is well connected.

    The Issues with Hodel:
    He seems to move around alot, he skips from business to business. I'm not exactly sure this a bad thing for Skullcandy though. They might have one goal and thats keep him around for 2 years to trim the fat and continue to prep the company for a buyout. Kyle Westcoat leaving we forecasted years ago. He said he only stays at companies to take them public and then move on. The market has their head up their #$%$ on this one.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • spotifyjim Oct 7, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

      At the end of the day, it's just another (expected) CFO appointment. No reason to expect this to send the stock flying IMO. Sure, 4% down is a bit off but CFOs count beans, they don't create them.

      I think all the talk of private takeover is clutching at straws a little. Happy to be proven wrong but I'm not betting on it. Most likely, any current buy out offer would be lowball (sub $10 IMO) and would screw idiots like myself that bought in much higher. Sorry Michael but I think $14 is pie in the sky right now.

      Maybe if they can put in a great Q4 in then someone might be interested in a takeover. But I can't see anyone putting in a decent bid unless SKUL demonstrate that the turnaround is actually working i.e. profits start to rise again. Until we see that, SKUL is just talking a good talk. What any rational investor should want to see is them walking the walk. Show us the money.

      Ignore the SP ebbs and flows until the Q4 earnings call. That's make or break for SKUL.

    • V, could you determinate how long he was at Shopzilla? (I couldn't get an exact number from my research) I'm curious as that business was sold by the founders for 500 million in 2006 (to the media group SNI) and then to private equity for 150 million in June of 2011. I'm not sure what "growth" has been achieved by Shopzilla in the last 2 years. He does fit the corporate mold for Park City. He will have to move from LA it looks like. I like his West Point and MBA credentials as well. Maybe he has the "experience" of a private equity sale needed?

    • Just a reminder that SKUL is up 24% off the August low and that it broke out of a 7-month trading range with 1.8 million shares.

      And so now the public knows about the CFO appointment. But the public are sheep.....they follow. If the stock price pops they buy. You are an exception V, you understand the positive nature of the news. For one reason or another though the big boyz didn't have this set up to use that news release; evidently they are not ready for the public to jump into this yet.

      I am glad to hear you think this is a positive.

    • Back away from the ledge. These low volume dips mean nothing.

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