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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Oct 25, 2013 5:45 PM Flag


    Are you fundamental guys familiar with Mad Catz? I'm liking the chart; its backing down nice and orderly. I know they are well known in game controllers but now they are coming out with some sort of Android consol gizmo.

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    • I have been following MCZ the past few weeks...I wish they had a little more cash on hand...but other than that the fundamentals aren't terrible... anyhow I like either .55 or .65 for a good entry point (seems like some solid support at these levels) and there is increasing hype about their Android MOJO consol set to release in December. However, I went on a few gaming sites to see what they were saying about the release and unfortunately a large population thinks the price point is too high at $250 as there are multiple other similar consols on the market currently for around the same price and/or cheaper.

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      • Thanks. Yes it was nearly a triple, up 150% from 0.36 to 0.90 in 5 months; Apr to Sep. It has given back as much as 44% of that gain, hitting 0.66. Then it tested higher and is now coming back on even lighter volume.

        Friday it printed a low of 0.69 on 174k. When it came down into this price area on Oct 9th it was on 1.15M and that was going against the Aug 20th with 1.63M. Seems there's no supply remaining.; no one willing to sell at the current price. It may be a buy right in here...maybe a spike to your 0.65...maybe.

        If you compare MCZ with the SPX, you will see that the sign-of-strength days of 7/29, 8/20, 8/21, 9/20, and 9/21 were on days the SPX was flat to down. 9/20 was also an SOS day for SKUL, a day when the SPX fell off a swing high.......liquidity flowing into the smaller small caps. So if MCZ and SKUL have supply drying up and the SPX is topping that would be the time to get into these imo.

      • It's also kind of a bummer that their MOJO release date is also more than two weeks after the release of the bigger boys products (XBOX ONE and the PS4). I kinda think the market may be a little dried up by Dec. 10th and also considering some parents may be done christmas shopping by that late in Dec as well. May hurt the initial sales release figures.

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