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  • benshometownflooring benshometownflooring Oct 25, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    What I learned this week about SKUL

    The people making the stock move a month ago are either full or buying so slow and methodically that it is keeping the stock tight. Which in turn means that there is no margin for in and out action. Also that on a couple of good overall market days, we did'nt move with the market which seems to be consistent with recent history. I think this company is just too small to matter. if we happen to go down significantly (.29) on a red day, I think that is just a shakedown of sorts. We can add one more week to the collection of no news from the front office which either means that progress is very slow and investor confidence means squat, or that the silence is intentional and part of a nice surprize to come. ( Ya. That's what I'm rootin' for.) 4 more days.

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    • Hey Ben, as someone who has held a block of shares since February of 2012 I can add/confirm this:

      1) Do NOT expect any news (except for required SEC filings and Analyst releases) for this stock. It just doesn't happen.

      2) The recent move from 4.8 after the Q2 Earnings Call to 6.25 as of today is a 23%. This. (Without looking at the charts since IPO) represents the biggest quarterly gains that I can remember.

      3). The market has reacted favorably to pretty much ANY earnings data so far for Q3. We have the benchmark set at .02 EPS and 52 million in revenue. The key here is if Hoby can maintain the Q4 estimates and not lower them.

      4) insiders have not sold any shares all year (less a little from Andrus - which were planned and before he was dismissed. That says that management sees improvement (time frame is the question)

      Just my opinion. I would like to see a 10-15% increase after hours on Wednesday (Break out above 7) and rise to 8 by years end. That would be another 20-25% gain and put us back at break even for the year.

      Full year EC in February 2014 we could see 10 (if the broader market doesn't tank on macro news such as fed tightening)... I am less and less thinking that a buyout is going to happen (which probably means it will)...

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