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  • bad11092002 bad11092002 Jan 11, 2014 12:27 AM Flag

    Off topic.... How bout the stock icpt.... Holy #$%$ what a move

    Up 500 percent in. 2 days to over. 400..... That's insanity !

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    • They actually stopped trials for liver disease midway as they found a cure for sorosis of the liver. Very rare to have success that quick and it was not expected for the treatment of this (trials). Low estimate of 5 Billion a year revenue. Crazy stuff. Clovis (CLVS) is making progress with Lung Cancer treatment. I use to trade a lot of Biotech stocks before I went into SKUL..

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      • reminds of Trojans during the aids scare in the 80"s

      • Investing in biotechs is kinda like playing high stakes poker.... Either gonna come out a rich man or your gonna lose it all..... Clovis is a very interesting company . My favorite in that space ( there a lot more than biotech ) is intrexon led by Randall Kirk. He's a legend in biotech space. I almost bought a boatload around 20 a few weeks back but didn't pull the trigger ( 30 now) . Still may get some in the coming months but they are gonna be huge winner long term. Anyhow looking forward to hoby presentation Monday. Like my earlier post .... I rarely invest in turnaround stories..... But I have no doubt with hoby leading skullcandy ..... It's gonna be a fun next few years to see this thing turn into a cash machine

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