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    • post. i especially like the part about no insitutions are trading in NITE, YET. i imagine they'll take another look after the earnings report.

    • Nite is the leader and as it gets more exposure,
      it is going to rocket upward much more. Also, it is
      due along with egrp, amtd, and sch for a 2 for one
      split. Past due, I should say. This stock is going to
      hammer upward very shortly, and surpass, yes, surpass,
      even the online brokers.... Its in a class by itself,
      and being the biggest Market Maker on the nasdaq,,
      (not to mention its chunk in the NYSE and OTC
      stocks),let me ask you!!! is volumn in the nasdaq going
      down??? the hottest tech sector in stocks??? he he he he
      See you after the split....

    • In my opinion, here are the reasons why one
      should hold NITE long and see great return on

      1. Nite is a leader in its GROWING field.
      Mite's performance is a reflection of its experienced
      management. Kenny Pasternak has been an expert in the
      field-long before Knight was ever created.
      3. Nite is
      opening operations in London NOW.
      4. The Nasdaq and
      NYSE are looking to extend trading hours in the next
      half a year. This means that allot of media attention
      will be given to this event. Guess who will get
      exposure and stay open for many more hours of
      5. Nite has consistently beaten the most optimistic
      earnings estimates.
      6. Nite has developed and is
      developing new internet based, trading software that will
      revolutanize the industry and create for itself a larger
      customer base.
      7. In addition, they will continue to
      expand their cusomer base due to their ability to give
      best liquidity at the cheapest transaction
      8. They have 100 million more from the secondary to
      buy out and expand their operations.
      9. The stock
      has hit a new high EVERY DAY in the last week. Based
      on technical analysis of the graphs of the stock, it
      looks like nite has a long way to go.
      Institutions are still not selling Nite. If they were, their
      computer selling programs would cause the bid and ask
      price to be more closely matched. If you look at the
      last week-the spread has been very wide.
      11. Nite
      management still ownes a huge stake in this company. This
      has created super-dedicated employes.
      12. Nite is
      severly undervalued if one compares it to AMTD or EGRP.

      13. Nite has low overhead-as it operates out of
      Jersey City, NJ and does not have to pay NY City
      14. Nite is opening up a new options/futures market
      next year. This will result in great new
      15. Nite has still not been discovered by the media.
      In comparison to its sector-SCH, EGRP, AMTD. As it
      gets more exposure, as it has in the last month, we
      will only see the daily volume rise and the stock
      price skyrocket.
      16. As the NASDAQ and NYSE start
      staying open for longer hours, the smaller market makers
      will feel staffing pressure and inefficiency due to
      economies of scale. They will be forced out buy the bigger
      guyes. Nite is the biggest.

    • bullish still around?

    • After the split that is...then back to 80 by end of summer

    • Nite will be derailed and fall back to 50; No way that this stock is worth 80+

    • not many people talking about the new internet based trading
      system nite has. any brokers or xbrokers out there have an
      opinion about this?

    • Guys (and gals),

      I like what I see in
      NITE. I rode ABOV from 47 to 115 and just left JBOH
      today and am looking for another good mover. NITE looks
      great and the posts on this board are very informative.
      The only weakness I see is when people start saying
      "$___" by such and such a date. Let's keep the momentum
      going and be happy with the daily and weekly gains and
      look forward to the earnings and hopefully split. I'm
      in long starting monday

      GO NITE

    • It is rare to see a split announced this close to
      earnings. I do think will we get a 2 -1 with earnings and
      another 2 -1 in October. This stock is following the
      pattern of AMTD with a 3 day lag. I see it at $120 + on
      earnings. Next week is going to be very good for us. Gap up
      Monday morning. $100 on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
      Also, it should help us if the brokers accounce a split
      - AMTD, ACH, and EGRP to an extent are all ready to
      split. Anyone waiting to buy this stock at $60 is going
      to have to wait until the 2nd 2-1 split at the end
      of this year.

    • NITE will appear on most level II screens. They usually show all MM's for a particular stock. I did find the term "Best execution" which is common terminology in NITE releases.

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