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  • ppppp_an_azzzhole ppppp_an_azzzhole Nov 8, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    Breaking News: Knight Traders Company has hired a group of software developers from India


    Their work visas are being processed by the Immigration authorities. According to sources close to the hiring decision, the software developers are among the most wicked in India. They promised to Knight recruiters that they would develop the best front-running software in India and US. They promised that their front-running software would never front-run its own front-running orders. Only customers' orders will be front-runned.

    When asked about the method of differentiating customers' orders and Knight's own frontrunning orders, the Indians said: "It's simple, we color code the orders. Customers' orders will be in black, while Knight's front-running orders will be red."

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    • Are the Indians there yet? Stock is not moving. I bought at 5.60, averaged in at 2.4. Need it to go to 4.

    • Where are the Indians when KCG needed them most?

      Bring in the Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • According to the front-running software developer in Goldman Sachs (who later moved to a Chicago firm and pursued by GS for leaking the software to his new firm), GS frontrunning software also color codes different orders: Major institutional orders are color-coded Red, general institutional orders are color-coded Orange, high-networth individuals' orders are Yellow, orders from brokers (mainly retail customers from brokers) are Green.

      The logic in the colors is that Red color orders are the most lucrative and the most serious, frontrunning Red orders should be take with extreme caution (meaning never let the customers know). The Green orders can be front-runned at will, no hesitation is needed, like a Green traffic light.

    • color-coded? nice.
      Hope the Knight traders are not color-blind.

      From now on, the first question Knight asks of new job applicants will be: "Are you color blind?" One applicant gets smart and thinks it's a loaded political question, so he answers: "Yes, I am totally blind to colors. I treat blacks and whites the same way, I see no difference in having a black president in the White House from a white president."

      Understandably, he didn't get the Knight job.

    • with minimum wage?lol

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