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  • busy26795 busy26795 Nov 5, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    GMLP most of the dividend is taxed as ordinary this is where you want to be...good buy point

    GMLP most of the dividend is taxed as ordinary this is where you want to be...good buy point

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Man that's counterintutative....I prefer to defer !

    • Huh? Being taxed at 40% (50% if you live in a high tax state with 10% state tax) is a good thing according to you?

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      • Sure are a bunch of idiots here too. Liza- pay a few $$ and move to Investor village. ARB

      • Another point to consider. If King Barack has his way ALL dividends, Royalties, Capital Gains etc will be taxed as ordinary income with a new MINIMUM tax rate for Capital Gains of 29 percent. Therefore any security already in that position has had their price DISCOUNTED as a result. Other stocks bought in the past with expectations of now or low tax liability will be CRUSHED by these tax changes or simply STOP giving dividends which will ALSO hurt the price. Remember, you CANNOT OUTWAIT King Barrack because it he does not simply SEIZE power ( not likely -- someone will put one in his grey matter should he try ) and he does not succeed in getting the Constitution Changed he can just run MICHELLE for President. She will get MORE votes than he did because he will get higher percentages of the "we think with our Vaginas" voters AKA women. By the time he runs her he will have a clear majority of AT LEAST 5 4 on the court and they will allow him to run as her Vice President should he wsh. Contrary to popular belief the 22nd amendment (TWO TERMS and 22 amendment, easy to remember if you want to discuss this with others) does NOT prevent him from becoming President again. Like many or even MOST of our laws the people writing it were IDIOTS and failed to word it correctly to accomplish what they intended. As a result it says that no one having served two terms or one and the a majority of a second term can be ELECTED to a third term ( with the usual "does not apply to current office holders clause). He can BECOME President for a third term should he be Vice President and the President dies or RESIGNS. As a result the 12th amendment saying that no one who "cannot serve as President may not be elected Vice President" is also ineffective since -- as I just showed -- he CAN "SERVE" as President, being supposedly a natural born citizen ( do NOT start that crap about what "natural born" meant... it did not does not mean anything of the kind) and above the age limit he CAN "SERVE" just can't be "ELECTED" to the office. So... whether Michelle serves as his proxy or quits and lets him serve again and again we are Unlikely to be rid of him unless he drops dead or we get really lucky and Air Force One gets hit by a meteorite or somesuch. The last election should have taught you two things. A majority of people in the USA now WANT a socialist government supported by massive taxes on the wealthy and on corporations. TWO. The Republican party is INCAPABLE of LEARNING ( there's a word for that -- :STUPIDITY ) the art of Politics. Otherwise they would stop looking like they love the ultrarich, IMMEDIATELY let Obama raise the top tax rate ( which will NOT increase the amount that the Ultrarich PAY silly rabbit. Why do you think they ALL support him???). check my blog, my name, my email all the same.

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