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  • bionic_research bionic_research Sep 12, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

    Just bought a memory foam bed for $500 .....

    .... at overstock. feels just like the tempur-pedics I tried for $4,000. good luck with that. many other options available at a fraction of the price. I think people are wising up.

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    • I shorted the stock because of your post.

    • a.milehighdog Sep 18, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

      I own a TPX King size bed. I DID NOT pay $4k for it. It was more like $2500. If you bought a $500 bed then you bought a cheap POS that you will be replacing in about a year assuming it gets used daily. My belief is that people in general value sleep to such a degree that a great mattress is one of the things that most will pay the extra $$ for due to the fact that people spend around 30% of their lives in bed. I know I do.

      I bought TPX because they are the best. You are attempting to make a comparison of Kia mattress to a BMW mattress. Which most people that buy a Kia, will try to convince themselves that the BMW is no better than theirs. However if you offer to trade keys, they would do so in a heart beat.

      I own TPX stock because I feel its undervalued.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Let's assume you are not simply a moron short 50 shares and you actually bought one of those pos memory foam mattresses...

      The good news for you?

      You only wasted $500 and you'll be able to cut it up for the back of your 4WD or tent as a pad under your sleeping bag.

      The bad news?

      1. Cheap memory foam beds sleep very hot; you'll find yourself sweating and kicking off all of the covers with regularity. The sweat will make you bed smell like a locker room within a matter of days.

      2. Cheap memory foam cell do not utilize closed cell technology (it is a lot more expensive to make a real TPX mattress that NASA uses for support functions on space craft) so yours is susceptible to bed bugs and scabbies.

      3. The cheap imitations are cheap for a reason. They do NOT have the depth and density of real TPX products. As a result, you will likely find that your back hurts within a week or two at the outside. Worse? Having intimate relations on them is like laying on 5 sleeping bag pads -- mushy and no traction. Have fun with that.

      I'll stop making fun of your stupidity now, except to say we all know that even #$%$ don;t buy those lousy mattresses... so you are lucky to be full of S.

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      • Well, I happen to love the $500 memory foam mattress. Sleeps very comfortably and, like I said, feels just like a tempur-pedic. The mattress I purchased had much better reviews than the reviews the TPX beds were receiving. Maybe that is why TPX pulled customer reviews off their website. Hmmmmm.

        Other consumers are wising up as well. No need to spend $4k when you can get a similar product for a fraction of the price. Sounds like you are trying to justify your expensive mattress purchase or an inflated stock price. Wonder which one?

    • I bought shares because of your post:)

    • Your post is way off on why someone would buy the stock.

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