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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Sep 17, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    What happened to all the short dweebs here?

    klopplop, iamshorthere, moneynow,bionicresearch and all the rest who were shorting at $36 and saying it is going to the $20s or even teens all seem to have a sock stuffed full of horse manure down their throats now.

    Wasn't Woody Allen great in that sock scene? ROFLOL

    See everyone at $60 in a Los Angeles flash.

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    • The stock is up 20% since the "iamshorthere" dufus tried to tell me I was an idiot because I said the stock was a screaming buy at $36.

      He told us what [numb mother effer] daytraders thought, that the stock was going be be crushed down from $36.

      That answers the rhetorical question I asked at the top of this thread. All of those stupid F daytrader shorts got crushed out and went on to short GMCR and HLF right ahead of their latest runups.

      It is comforting to have such morons opposite our serious allocations. ROFLOL

    • Moronic traders don;t need information or to be confused with facts -- they already have made up their minds utilizing ignorance and stupidity as a powerful combination. Glad to have you putzes opposite our allocations.

      Smart, informed traders are joining the hedge funds getting longer here by day

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      • this F head was one of the trading club shorts last month... and here he cut and pasted a post I wrote when he was swearing at me for suggesting that none of the shorts apparently attented investor day on Sep 10th where the company said "everything is on track for the quarter," right ahead of the SCCS collpase that obviously did not effect TPX sales.

        when you realize then that I wrote that to him back then, it is really funny he tried to mock me. LOL

        Fun that this guy and all his other aliases and trading club short putz pasl have had nothing to say since -- their throats have a sock full of horse dung stuck in it. LOL

        PT of $60 may take until Jan report of Dec Q, but it is coming.

    • LOL -- up 25% since all those trding club dufuses said it was going to $20.

      Woody Allen's socks full of horse dung came in handy here.

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