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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Sep 19, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Sold out this morning as the bid was there to blow out

    Special thanks to all the chumps shorting this below $38 for us. LOL

    keep on pushing it down for us so we can buy it back cheap (again). Our year end PT of $60 is unchanged.

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    • As documented right here such that even morons could follow it, we entered the 7th round trip here at just below $38 and blew it out just above $43 on Sep 19th, a 14% gain in two months while TPX competitors languished in the ditch and the chump trading club putzes who were shorting at $38-40 (while saying this was going to $25 or even down to teens said one dipstick) filled their pants daily here. LOL

      So we were thrilled last night to see SCSS absolutely awful numbers and guidance last night, confident it would spark a return of the gumptards shorting this. Take it down to your $25 now putzboys so we can make a killing on it with a far bigger allocation into EOY. LOL

      As for the EOY PT at $60? If one believes that TPX results 2H13 will be as terrible as SCSS' press release and cliff plunge suggests (di you see how they blame the debt ceiling bs for weak sales in 3Q when September was actually a fantastically great month for the market and the DC mess had not really even started to rock the market?), TPX will do well to end the year at $45 after the mess the DC morons created. But that is why one needs to be nimble and mindful of hedging to protect capital in these tricky times.

      Glad we were out a month before this S SCSS news hit. And just think, down another $4/share and the gumptards can cover their July shorts without a loss! LOL

    • No buy, hold.

    • Hold = Sell in the stock market of course

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