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  • iamsmrt123 iamsmrt123 Nov 8, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    up 12% now only 3.9%

    Don't expect anything solid until next year. The main question is....How low can you get this stock before it blasts off around july to October 2014? anyone that can get this in the dollar range is Golden.

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    • it dosnt mather up 12% or down 12%, this is not a day trade stock, you want 1000% or 0 when you buy the stock here. I expect the stock at least $25 in 6 month.

    • You might be right but I ask, again: How is this company going to come up with the massive amount of money it needs to avoid bankruptcy? Who do you think will give it the money?

      If it does not get the money it needs, do you think it will still "blast off?"

      Potash might well recover on the world scene by the middle of next year, and this property might well end up getting mined. But what makes you think that Prospect can hold on to it long enough to see that happen?

      So helpme_hanna

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      • Helpme_ I would say opposite argument also holds true. Why do you think someone will not give money ? Sichuan Chemical might just take bigger stake. They might re-negotiate the debt as they did before. Not all companies evaluated equally. There ton of companies with weak fundamentals but stock price goes up.
        I agree - there is 50% chance that this company may go bankrupt.. There is also 50% chance that stock might just "blast off" fairly quickly. I think it doesn't hurt to take a small bet, of course with the money you can afford to lose.

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