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  • zelmo_007 zelmo_007 Feb 29, 2004 9:50 AM Flag


    What a great turnaround of this company. We should all be thankful Nardelli came over to bail out this company after the way blank left it.

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    • You're probably right about Zelmo's new position... Anyway, speaking of silly things going on at stores with 10% coupons, My store manager (272) started yesterday a 10% off for anything you can fit inside a Homer Bucket. It didnt take our crafty customers long to realize that they can fill the bucket with brass fittings and circuit breakers, drive 6 miles to the next closest HD, and return the merchandise for an immediate 10% arbitrage.

      Maybe we need another committee to probe into these ideas to "drive sales"

    • Are you saying that your Special Services and/or Prodesk Specialists automactically key in flat $200 deduction instead of letting the register program make the discount as prescribed by the steps on back of coupon? Then there is definately a training issue or just lazy or as you say, incompetent persons involved. And that would indeed be a sad negative.

    • The problem with the 10% coupon at my store is it says there is a limit of $200.00. I think that means a cap. However, some of our Customer Service Specialist are sure that means auto $200.00 off. Reviewed a c-top sale today which totaled $1780.00 --> markdown with coupon @ 10%. Yep sure enough $200.00 off. Is there even a math test for these people. We don't want to pay competent help and we are losing a lot of money paying the less competent.

    • Isn't the clark-kent-mba-slper supposed to run out to the parking lot and survey the fleeing customer using his trusty six-sigma clipboard and offer a ten percent friends & family discount voucher ?

      It would be too much to ask the Donovan crew to institute proper staffing with qualified and available associates.

      Makes you question the
      Department of Labor alliance,
      AARP recruitment alliance,
      the local classified ads,
      as well as the SLP training.

      One positive tidbit though-- Home Depot annoinced that they will scale down new box building and pay more attention to the stores they already have. Hope springs eternal...

    • Good post, we have a new SLP ASM on fast track !
      They like how well the last one was trained so they sent us another !

      Walks around the place like he is the SM but has no retail experience.

      Yes, point system necessary because computer schedules associates based on previous sales figures. If you call out another has to work your shift/hours. Are you rewarded for covering another associate with a point ? NO.
      Treat all of us like grade school children instead of adults.

      Computer scheduling has no parameters for customers walking out the doors when they get tired of waiting for help.

      Yes, many of us are overloaded from our own customers/task lists and also from helping fellow associates.

    • . I almost had him for a long but his post and EVERYTHING I feel in my self is telling me he is short. Don't waste your time on these losers Zelmo. They are probably the ones who got their aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members high-paid jobs without warrant. They are disgruntled at the fact the were embarrased when the iron hand came down. No degree for a position that HR said needed one and you were BAM! gone!

      They have reason to be disgruntled but then again so does the economy.


    • I have no idea where you get your information from or where you hale from, however, you have no clue. What Mr. Nardelli has done is created an all time low in apathetic attitude in most employees. His lack of caring about whether employess are paid sufficiently and whether the help on the floor is knowledgable is well documented. He likes to buy into programs that other corporations try and push them on HomeDepot, I>E> the new point system with the Nardelli cheerleaders yelling, it works for Nike. Does Nike sell installed sales???? The idea to get our employees on the floor for correct coverage is a great idea. It wouldn't be a problem if they hired experience, knowledgable people who want to work. They are not doing that. They don't want to pay them. So we have a crew of kids, who hinder the few experienced employees with a zillion questions and call in sick on weekends. I spend too much time peer training kids and ASM's who have appeared through magic as ASM's, but have no knowledge of what we do. As usual those who can do, and those who cannot won't learn. (not true of all new employees)It is a frustrating cycle that seems to never end. Our company is too transient.

    • Zelmo, talking to yourself again ?

    • Nardelli is the reason this ship is heading towards better times. Customer service is a result of his leadership.

    • zelmo----you could give a rat's ass about the hard-working HD associates who had their world turned upside-down due to cuts in experienced staff---cuts in training programs---deflated morale in many stores---etc., etc....

      You only like your "favorite" leader because an environment was created that opened the door for you to buy this stock at a price that puts money in your pocket.......and by the way ---HIS pocket too !

      Otherwise, you could give a shit about HD ...and even it's CEO.

      You say "bailout"------I say bullshit to you Mr. 007 !

      How about YOU "turnaround"---and see the havoc that was done to this company !

      Have a nice day !


      • 3 Replies to anothertakeonit
      • That's not another take on it, that's the same old belly aching and baby poop you total washouts and burnouts have been crying on about for years.
        It makes me sick.
        If you dont like it, go work for Big Lots or stick your head in the toilet, but stay off this board.
        You're all just a bunch of ne'er do wells who belong in a chinese prison.
        Commies! Pinkos!

      • preach on brotha!

      • I see he has done what blank did not do, record earnings. And isn't it a CEO's job first and foremost to reward the shareholders. We are the ones that own the company. Do not forget that fact.

        If there is some much "havoc" as you say, I am sure there is a lowes right near you. A leader does not always make popular decisions, but decisions that will help the company he is leading. I shop at HD alot, and I see the new automation at checkout counters, the new look stores, etc. Nardelli might not be popular among the troops but his leadership is right to make this company successful into the future.

        Fact is HD is heading up and the numbers show. Sorry you can't be a team player and embrace this new exciting company.


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