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    �Wall of Shame Honors Jobless Americans

    It is time for Joe Ironside to acquire new skills instead of wasting energy fighting whats already done.It is a global economy, you shop at Wal-mart for the prices, you buy Arab gas,your shoes are not made here, why should anything that your fellow american's won't buy because it can't be done cheap enough be made here? The people in the other countries want what we have and are willing to work harder, longer and most importantly cheaper than the people in Iowa. I'm sure most people in Iowa have 2-3 cars, a nice house with a huge mortgage, 5-10 credit cards, nice clothes, three kids going to college and much more. The funny thing to me is Iowa wants this life style guarenteed by the gov't. Do what the rest of do Iowa, get off your ass and find a new way to make money, thats the american way.

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    • It's too bad that America doesn't make much of any thing in this country anymore, (exept more Americans) because our trade defecit continues to grow. I just don't think the world will continue to buy jets, or Cadilac's or heavy construction equipment. If things continue like this, the only thing we will have to sell will be property, like that little garden spot in Leavenworth Ks. I think this is a great country, I just wonder when we will realise that we need to "buy American" to survive in this new global economy. The Japanese know it and we taught them all we knew.

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      • It's all relative. $20/hr manufacturing jobs are replaced by $15/hr service jobs. Manufactured goods which used to cost $50 are now $30. Cars with advanced emissions technology, options, and safety features cost about the same as they did 10 plus years ago.

        If YOUR job is the one that is lost it is terrible. But we shouldn't protect that job at the expense of the rest of society.

      • Where is that japanese economy now? Oh yes, deflationary.

        The US is transitioning to a more service and skilled economy and less of a manufacturing economy. That's just the way it is. Those are the resources we provide at acceptable costs...just like china produces manufactured goods, textiles, etc. That's where they have a strategic advantage.

        Buy american? Why. Why pay more for something when I can save the money and spend it on the american services that make my life easier? If the unions didn't run up the cost of production on everything, I'd buy american. But as it is, people wanted a "better wage" and unions got them that...they also priced american companies right out of the competetive landscape, hence the shift of manufacturing jobs to area's where labor comes at a nice discount to US labor. Had that shift not taken place, you'd be looking for tarrifs and protectionary measures as subsidies to keep american companies from going belly up. You can't have your cake and eat it to.


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