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    • Thank you traditional Democrats in the 4th Mass!

      But in Massachusetts's Fourth Congressional District, the race between Barney Frank and Republican upstart Sean Bielat has moved from "Likely Democrat" to "Lean Democrat." Here's the Cook analysis:

      Very few 30-year incumbents release a poll one day showing them leading 56 percent to 37 percent, then take $200,000 out of their retirement plan to fund their race. Then again, very few incumbents are Barney Frank. Multiple media polls taken since then have shown the Financial Services chairman under 50 percent, including a Boston Globe survey showing Frank leading Marine Corps Reservist Sean Bielat 46 percent to 33 percent, with a high number of undecided independents. That makes some sense after Frank has endured a rough spate of press,

      including his camera-wielding partner's awkward confrontation of Bielat.

      Bielat has raised an astounding $600,000 in the first two weeks of October (more than his campaign had raised the whole year prior). Obviously the cash is mostly flooding in from outside the district, but it means Bielat has the resources to play David versus Frank's Goliath on the airwaves in the final week. One ad set to steel drums intones, "While you were worried about your job or mortgage, Barney Frank was on his way to the islands on a private jet owned by a Wall Street fat cat who got millions in bailouts." This is an extremely Democratic district, and Frank is still the favorite, but it's a race.

    • norris..., a simple question that requires deep thought. For example, what is the service, and to or for whom is the service truly rendered? What truly motivates the server? For example, to serve for show/self or to serve in secret? If a good service is provided for show, is the server truly entitled to reward? I've used "truly" thrice in this reply. True is the root word for truely, and truth as well. This begs Pilate's classic question "What is truth?" Have a good day and better tomorrow. rich...

    • Good Morning Rich
      Is the best worship our works of service?

    • Norris..., I read this in Max Lucado's Grace for The Moment, Vol 1, pg338 this am. "We are more immpressed with our discovery of the light [bulb]than with the one who invented electricity .... Rather than worship the Creator we worship the creation." Rom 1:25

    • Ben Franklin said the American national region is s simple thing. ‘There is a God, we will be judged and the Creator is best praised when we serve all of his other creations.’
      I ask my daughter to focus on the ramifications and necessity of this first principal philosophy rather than play the pagan’s dishonest game on their carefully prepared turf. Take a page from Paul and speak to Greeks like Greeks and Romans like Romans.
      Sorry War and Peace again. I might have to wear my old helmet to the next Bible study. ;-)

    • Good Morning Rich,
      II am going over to Amazon to buy your recommendation right after this post. Pastor has been (nicely) cuffing me in the back of the head with 50 pages of fully sourced doctrine on the subject.
      From a conservative theological perspective it is often better to error in siding with concepts of ‘ceremonial deism’ in the Founding Documents. This thinking is logical as the duty of each Christian to be involved in the community and governance from a Christian remains bright and clear regardless of how we define the nature of God in the Founding Documents.
      What remains unaddressed is the governmental exposure this presents in our courts, for all Americans. It is no accident that under the ‘accepted’ construct of ‘ceremonial deism’ our courts have taken to imposing law across a broad range of policy without regard to majority political opinion or most particularly individual liberty. It is no accident that our Founders warned over and over again that our courts had the potential of power un-tethered.
      The Revered Martin Luther King; acting as a focal point for whole clan of dedicated courageous pastors, built the case for Civil Rights on the American foundational understanding of God in government. It is completely opposite of the ‘thinking’ which created a ‘right’ to privacy so abortion can be used as birth control without concern for the baby’s God Given Rights and that the state can change the definition of marriage over the will of the people, as hot button examples.
      The King family worked first to win hearts by setting the superior example as an offering and then to move the law. It is the only way to achieve lasting just social Tranquility. Abortion and imposition of homosexual marriage will remain open bleeding social wounds. ‘Correct thinking’ could be taught or more correctly strenuously imposed by even totalitarian communist states, without resolution. ( It is in fact a full explanation of the slaughter of the French Revolution Vs. the American tradition of problem solution rather than policy imposition.)
      Which brings me finally to Darwinian Theory and the most dangerous of philosophies built upon it. I am not concerned about the scientific elements of Darwinian Theory as in the sweep of time the science will work itself out. However, it is the ramifications of the philosophy built on the childish assumption that Darwinian Theory disproves; I believe the two perspectives, of Genesis.
      The key; I believe, is found in the Concept of Two Kingdoms. One realm is correctly ruled by our Theology. The other is ruled by our Christian centered philosophy. We have a duty to protect the God Given Individual Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness while not imposing our Theology. This is the approach of Ben Stein’s excellent - Expelled no Intelligence Allowed. Which not surprisingly, is still conceptually beyond the full understanding of even a brilliant fourteen year old American that has been Blessed with equally elite teachers and curriculum in public schools.
      It is legal to teach Christianity as philosophy in our public schools. However, the pagans have used this as a mechanism to teach Christianity as either mythology or a facet of universal paganism. A facet of the gestalt perversion of our logic, reason and first American Principals.

    • Norris..., thank you for your insightful reply about the Preamble. I have read many times, but read over capitalized Posterity. Let me suggest you read "Living Constitution, Dying Faith" by Bradley Watson. It is a hard/slow read, at least for me, but very informative and definitely worth the time. Also provided me with the basis for my recognition of the afliction I named MADness, and I think your daughter would find it profitable as well. Sounds like she is a very good student, and she has a good teacher in you too. How do you handle the Darwin is right crowd? rich...

    • The Constitution of the United States
      Preamble Note
      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
      Thank you Rich. I am gladdened that you chose to accept the duty to fight the good fight. It is critical for our Posterity.
      My daughter is in a High School honor class for ‘Modern History’. Her highly educated and dedicated teacher made the statement that our Constitution is strictly ‘secular’.
      I very proudly report her respectful; respect due a highly educated man, inquiry about the Blessing of Liberty tying back to the Declaration of Independence. She also pointed out that the Founders were exceptionally well educated in philosophy so how could the choice of the word ordained be assumed to be wholly secular by any intellectually honest person?
      Funny how the broadly accepted understanding to assume the best of people until proven otherwise is true. Of course this board understanding is where we get ‘never met a man I did not like’ and ‘fool me once’.
      Our American teacher’s answer was “I agree with you more than I can say” with a joyful smile. He also encouraged Socratic debates for the students. (The primary antagonist’s parent is a university Prof. with a Phd in English) ;-)
      Yes I gave Obama the benefit of the doubt. But now he is clearly hostile to even a ‘ceremonial deism’ understanding of our Founding Documents. This is a necessary philosophic assumption for him to make a claim that our Constitution is simply a laundry list of “negative liberties”.
      It is not necessary to question his faith to make the rational statement that his personal fundamental governing philosophy is inconsistent with our Founding Philosophy. It is a simple matter of public record.
      Interesting that common defense is not capitalized while Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity is! Not ourselves but our Posterity!
      As parent and clan leader; by joyful default not choice, I thank you for picking up your duty Rich!

      May God Bless you and your whole clan!

    • Norris..., you might like this linked article. I give obama credit for one thing; and, that is, he has overtly manifested the ideas that have been covertly destroying America beginning shortly after the Civil War. Ultimately, obama and his ilk; past, present, and future are infected by MADness where M stands for Marx, A for atheism, and D for Darwin. There is no way to deal with people infected by MADness, indeed, they are very much like the "tares" in Jesus' parable of the wheat and tares. Rich...

    • This New York Times reporting is actually very good. Hopefully it reflects something like at PBS where the young Turks get some fine objective reporting through.
      Couple of cools things here. First Mr. Beilat will not throw his Marine Corps service without context. Now I do not know Mr. Beilat but I have enough gray hair to know that seemly small markers of gallantry and integrity are what to watch for.
      Also, this young lady is an awesome dancer. You young marines go out and put on a fat suit and then do your hand to hand training. (There is some debate whether Einstein said dancers are God’s athletes. If he did not he should have.) For it is not about mastering the difficult or making it look easy but rather effortless. It says a great deal about us that she was afraid to share her last name.
      Finally I must report a completely unsatisfactory outcome from the Marine Ball several years ago, to which I was invited. All eyes were on a beautiful young dance instructor who I happened to know. Marines were honorable gentlemen but it was a Navy Corpsman and a SEAL whom could ballroom dance. I am happy to report the Navy Corpsman won out and now years later is married to this most excellent young lady.
      But is it not the Marine Corps Ball? You are equipped with the coolest Blues. But that coolness can create pretty wall flowers. Unsat!

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