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  • grungemusic3001 grungemusic3001 Aug 29, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

    Hurricane Isaac

    New investor to home depot here. Will HD gets an unexpected sales bump from Hurricane Isaac? Seems like people will need to do a bit of rebuilding after the storm.

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    • Oh God, another disaster mooch. Why don't you go help people instead of trying to make money off their misery.

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      • With every action or decision that any individual or business makes somebody wins and somebody loses.

        I do not see investing in a company that helps people to rebuild as "making money off misery." I see it as leveraging the strengths of a business and being in the stock at the right time. In fact if you believe *investors* of Home Depot are making money off misery then surely you agree that The Home Depot, Inc. ALSO makes money off misery? It's not a 501c3 after all, it's a business; they exist to make money and make their shareholders money. There is a margin on the products they sell and the more products they sell the more profit they take in. Disaster rebuilding is not without its business risks, namely HD stores themselves getting wiped out by floods/natural disasters in very locations they help rebuild.

        You could similarly claim that insurance companies make money by not paying people and denying claims, that natural resource companies make money by pillaging the earth, that hospitals make money off of people getting sick.

        I make no such arguments. I only look at the world around me and react to it and try and promote my own self interest and the greater good wherever possible. For every share of stock sold there is a buyer who disagrees with the seller. Whatever the reason the person who sold me my HD stock, I happen to believe that there is an opportunity to be had and am happy to oblige such persons on taking their investment off their hands and making it my own.

        Making money off of natural disasters and helping the victims is not mutually exclusive. I have friends in La. and lived there for 10 years through multiple floods so don't judge an investor by his desire to improve his personal wealth.

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