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  • nesbitts43 Dec 21, 2012 2:08 PM Flag


    purchased carpet 2 yrs ago at joliet,il home depot had a warranty on the carpet but was told they would not honor the warranty .sold my stock in the company,will not shop there again.

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    • Can you give more details? Is the issue with the installation, padding or the carpet itself?

      The carpets carry manufacturer warranties, 'would not honor' is not the answer,
      they need to give you a reason, can you post more info?

      If you prefer to contact corporate, please do so and let us know if you get the issue resolved.

    • Not sure if you know this or not, but your warranty is between you and the manufacturer, and there are terms to it. Read your warranty before you purchase, then follow its terms. When you have a problem, call the phone number listed in the warranty, not the phone number of the seller. Product warranties are with manufacturers. So, *they would not honor* doesn't really mean anything. My Lowe's stores do not honor any manufacturer warranties on carpet either. Call the manufacturer, but before doing so, re-read the warranty to ensure you have followed all the terms. Usually the first term is a professional cleaning once a year, with the receipts to prove it. Without that, you have voided the warranty and likely will get no help from the manufacturer. Contracts have terms, and you have to follow your end just as you'd expect them to follow theirs.

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      • This is sort of true, sort of not. Each big box store has a territory manager assigned to it by each of the major carpet mills. What normally happens is you contact the big box store and they get in touch with their territory rep who tries to resolve the problem, often using an independent inspector. It is up to the inspector to decide if the carpet has a problem and if so, whose fault it is .. the homeowner's, the mill's or the installer's, or none of the above.

        Be careful. Often times, the "independent," carpet inspector actually works for the labor shops who install the carpet for the big box store. Technically the inspector is independent because he or she is not a direct employee of the big box store, but in reality the inspectors often have a conflict of interest because 99% of their business comes from the big box store.

        So, for the big box store to, "not honor," the warranty is kind of sketchy. They have every means to contact the territory rep and/or the carpet inspector. Usually all they need is a go ahead from the territory rep to send out an inspector and it doesn't cost the big box store anything. The reason this arrangement often doesn't work is because the big box store mill reps don't work on commission and are treated like third class citizens, so the relationship between the big box store and the rep varies greatly.

        The other alternative is to hire your own carpet inspector. In this case, the homeowner pays for the inspector out of pocket, whereas if the big box store initiates the inspection, it is paid for by the mill and/or the labor shop that did the installation.

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