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  • mjna_medicalmarijuanainc mjna_medicalmarijuanainc Sep 8, 2013 12:08 AM Flag

    Anyone here buy WEED? laws change on SEPTEMBER10th SENATE MEETING

    MJNA has the most established product lines as well as the NEWEST product lines of Marijuana THC or CBD.. Our DOZENS of products are the main items worth anything in this brand new industry. Our messgebrd shows clinical trials , studies , product info ect.. FIRST EVER MARIJUANA GUM!

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    • historical anecdote ... Coca Cola marketed a gum laced with cocaine around 1900 ...

    • lol ... they are far from being the only company with such products ... check out the Denver area .. dozens of
      "mom and pop" outfits with everything from creams to pills , gum, vaporizors , you name it .....
      what will eventually happen is that the large pharmas will develop(the probably already have) products that
      have been refined to target specific medical problems with no side effects . the thc molecule has 66 or 67
      canninbinoids , about 7 of them are responsible for the "high" experience .. the others can do incredible things .

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