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  • iluvbjhsat iluvbjhsat Nov 12, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    HD needs to tighten up on scammers

    Was in the return line behind a guy with a microwave oven. He tells the clerk it's the wrong color. The box shows white but inside it's brown. The clerk sees two microwaves on the receipt. The guy acts surprised. "What that can't be I only bought one!!!!" he insists he bought one. The clerk gets on the phone to the manager and the manager says refund his money. The clerk hands him $171 cash. So my theory is the guy bought a brown and a white one and swapped the boxes so he now has a free microwave oven. HD should have only refunded the cost of the one he actually returned. What idiot would pay $171 for one small inexpensive microwave at the register or genius who knows how to get a free microwave at HD.

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    • whatever is returned is charged back to the manufacturer/supplier/distributor ... if the customer says "does not work" or "a part is missing", a fee is also slapped on the charge back. This is how all major retailers work.

    • I got the best one ever. Lady in front of me wants to return an insect fogger. She said she pushed the button and everything came out, she can’t turn it off. Clerk said that is how they work. Lady says I don’t want it to work that way, get the manager. Manager gives her a refund. I say hey, that’s BS how can you do that? Manager says it is easier to pay them and get them out of the store. I said ok Bi*ch, PAY ME THEN. I am a stockholder, I count! I didn’t get paid. BTW manager I called a Bi*ch is a man.

    • Latest thing is the Moen, Delta and Kohler faucet cartridges, $39, $49 and $111.

      The dudes show up with a state photo ID no license, always 8 or more of each,
      'my guy got the wrong ones'. $39 bags of cable ties, eight of those too.

      Want to see HD stock hit $125 a share by New Year's Day 2015, stop taking stuff back w/o receipt.

      The good old days back in 1999, "I need another $2,000 for return #1 and #2 please",
      the tube system was like a giant ATM, sending thousands of dollars out the doors every 15 min.

    • My HD typically shells out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to thieves every day. It makes the #$%$ ociates crazy but HD managers have said that theft is built into the prices ,and will give out gift cards to any one without a receipt as long as they have some sort of id.
      This scenario accounts to close to a million dollars per store per year.

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      • Few years ago, guy returns a bath tub, american standard on the carton,
        inside the carton is a used junk tub, different brand. ASM gives him store credit.

        She don't want anyone calling corporate to rat her out, that would put her on the do not promote list.

        They return electrical boxes they rip out from renovations, with knock outs missing, pvc boxes with no nails, cut wire, cut chain, $200 light with junk light in the box, 'I bought it that way',
        guy had a hunter fan, the Discovery model, says the fan in the box is not a hunter fan,
        it was a harbor breeze, from Lowe's. His wife bought it the other day he says.
        ASM too much of a coward to pull the video and see the lady at check out with the hunter fan,
        sealed in carton. No way for that lowe's fan to fit in the hunter box. He got his $139 plus tax
        and we got a $139 markdown to zero.

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