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  • larrydett larrydett Jun 25, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    Hello folks

    Just joined you "happy" set of HYEG stockholders. Plans are to make several more buys and then see what happens with this struggling company.

    I'll give you my background re HYEG, FWIW.

    I was a LONG-time follower and sometimes holder of Startech whose thing was a plasma torch technology for incineration of garbage. They eventually failed and disappeared but, towards the end they announced a deal allowing HYEG to use the waste hydrogen for their hydrogen engines.

    I must have signed up for HYEG's newsletters years ago because I got Schaub's email a couple of days ago. What got me mildly excited - enough to get me started buying the shares - is the tease in his email about a user wanting the engine's for generating electricity from waste hydrogen produced by chlor-alkali plants. While I don't think that HYEG's engines are the way to go for chlor-alkali waste hydrogen usage, just the fact that there's interest is a BIG DEAL I think that a PR re a deal to use the engines at one or more chlor-alkali plants would really goose the stock. Let me temper that "goose" by saying that NO chlor-alkali producer will just bring these engines into their plant, hook the hydrogen hose up to the intake port and away they go generating free electricity for their site - no way. It will be a drawn-out process BUT just the fact that a deal has been done will be great for the PPS.

    Seems Yahoo won't let me write forever so I will continue using the REPLY.

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    • Continuing....

      Startech's competitor in the plasma torch business was/is Alter NRG. Up until a year ago, I never owned a share of Alter but then they released a PR re a possible deal to use their technology for a new 400 tpd garbage incineration plant in Gibson City, IL The deal died maybe a year later because of "economics" according to the town's mayor. Then the real deal happened for Alter when Air Products contracted with Alter for $15 million in torches for the first of two 1000 tpd garbage plants in Teesside, England. The next piece in the story was that Air Products contracted with AFC Energy (AFC stands for A;kaline Fuel Cell), a very small start-up to use their alkaline fuel cell on the waste hydrogen generated by Alter's torches when burning up the garbage. Air Products would sell the electricity into the local power grid and AFC would get a cut of the revenue. AFC has far bigger fish to catch in that they have been working with Germany's Akzo Nobel's chlor-alkaline plants to use their waste hydrogen to generate electricity for the plant/s.

      To be continued

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      • Continuing....

        Besides Akzo, AFC has started installing their fuel cells in a chlor-alkali plant of ICL's in England to use its waste hydrogen to generate electricity for the plant. This waste hydrogen usage is going to be very very big, my friends. Make no mistake about it that this is going to be a huge economic benefit for the chlor-alkali business world-wide. I really don't think that HYEG is going to be a factor in this business - like AFC will be but, if they get some of the business, fine.

        Both AFC and Alter have very good WEB sites that detail their techs the business goals, etc.

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