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  • edgarhansen1982 edgarhansen1982 Mar 27, 2013 6:52 PM Flag

    march 27 nextel evolution and iron rock falling flat on face. signal is still out.

    Comprei o Motorola iron rock(3g da nextel).Enfim o sinal da nextel em si,ja esta pessimo, o sinal do 3g tbem esta ruim demais.ja me arrependi.

    going to lose customers faster than the speed of light. I guess the shorts I know what the heck they are doing

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    • Another from the Verizon FB page:

      I would like everyone to know that Verizon is incompetent. I cancelled my service in Roanoke back in May or June of 2012. They are still billing us despite dozens of calls telling them that we are no longer a customer. It is time to sue I think, SINCE THEY ARE SENDING US TO COLLECTION WITH ADVERSE IMPACT ON OUR IMPECCABLE CREDIT. Please help us make this go VIRAL!!!! TO TEACH AN IRRESPONSIBLE CORPORATE ENTITY TO BEHAVE RESPONSIBLY.

    • Comment from Verizon FB page:

      What's up with the Verizon internet? My phone will only work on WiFi and everyone else I know has the same problem. It's been 5 days now and only works for a few minutes an hour!

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      • The problem, you see, is that Verizon is an established mature company. Nextel has hit the reset button and is trying to make it again. They can not afford to get bad word of mouth at this cruicial point in time you see.

        You want another comment?

        A propaganda que veicula no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, fala de uma promoção para os moradores do estado, de R$ 59,00. Tentei fazer meu cadastro, a operadora pegou todos os meus dados, me informou até que eu poderia adquirir dois chips. E quando ela foi finalizar, me disse que o "sistema" negou esse plano pra mim, e que estaria disponibilizando um plano controle de R$ 99,00.

        O que é isso??? Está parecendo uma propaganda enganosa. Por favor, me ajudem a obter meu chip Nextel na promoção do Rio de Janeiro.

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