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  • fooledbyrandomness4 fooledbyrandomness4 Mar 3, 2014 9:48 AM Flag

    Sprint vs NIHD - Warning!

    I posted this message on November 17th warning people to stay away, it more looks like the management are master manipulators with pump articles to save their jobs but bond holders were not fooled.

    fooledbyrandomness4 • Nov 17, 2013 9:31 AM Remove
    Sprint vs NIHD - Warning!

    Many people think that this can turnaround like Sprint but this is dangerous thinking.
    Sprint had close 55million customers and had majority stake in Clearwire. Even with good numbers and good spectrum they came very close to being broke after IPhone 20b deal scare.

    NIHD on the other hand has very less customers under 3% in any region it focuses and is raking up debt like no tomorrow with their core customers are leaving iden 2g to 3g\4g.

    I just don't see a turnaround, creditors are going to pull the plug when they find out that company is throwing good money after bad.

    Best way out is just sell the company in a piecemeal fashion hopefully something remains. If they go ahead with the expensive build-out then it is guaranteed to fail, Less
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