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  • franc.reason franc.reason Jun 9, 2014 3:56 PM Flag

    Tomorrow could open above and/or exceed $ 1.00 by mid-day on Tuesday !...Only a fool would miss this golden opportunity!!

    Also kkep in mind that when NIHD was artificially descending it was following the Bonds. However keep in mind that the Bonds will follow the common on the upswing!......Remember even ftestatest also mentioned that the bonds were Unsecured and if the Bondholders pushed the issue they would possibly lose those assets and licenses by foreign official to protect their soverignty...He said Mexico likely and that in Brasil and Argentina Bondholders would get SCREWD if they pushed the issue..Even CCCBONDGUY admitted the Bonds were in fact UNSCURED! and that the Bondholders were extremely inept...** Note that NIHD is said to be taking place in the Argentine Auction soon, Now tell me if a company is going to particiapte in a auction if they are about to go belly up? Very well knowing they would lose the money fronted and the licenses won at auction.....Think folks!!! This is one of those rare opportunities that come along ecvery once and a while for the common, because the Insiders usually keep the information amongst group members only....I hope those folks who really need the money take this time to research and realize what this could mean for them and their families...Peace!!

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    • Franc, you are right about that:

      Slim joins race to buy Nextel Argentina - report
      Thursday 11 July 2013 | 09:17 CET | News
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      Carlos Slim has held negotiations with Nextel to acquire its Argentinean unit, local newspaper Clarin reports, without citing sources. Also interested in the purchase is Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnekian, who recently opened a chip plant near Buenos Aires, to tap the Latin American market for credit cards, mobile phones and electronic identification services.

      At the beginning of July, BAE Negocios, citing unnamed industry sources, reported that the Argentinean government was studying a potential merger between state-owned satellite company Arsat and mobile operator Nextel. The resulting company would provide mobile telephony services, the sources added.

      Eurnekian could use the newly-opened plant to provide technology to power mobile phones for company resulting from the Arsat-Nextel merger.

      Nextel is currently unable to launch 4G services because the Argentinean government has annulled the tender that would have allowed the operator to expand its spectrum to provide fourth generation services on the local market. Thus Nextel is currently studying two options, either the sale of its entire Argentina unit or the partnership with another operator.

      Industry sources say the minimum sale price for Nextel reaches ARS 2 billion (approximately USD 400 million). Eurnekian is reportedly more interested in a partnership-merger, rather than in the purchase of Nextel Argentina, while negotiations with Carlos Slim’s Telmex unit were headed towards the purchase of 100 percent of Nextel Argentina.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think the MM's are going to raise it enough to stimulate trading to provide liquidity of shares, while at the same time keep the commission coming. Once it goes above $ 1.00 the MM's knows the demand will be strong world wide, so they will start to gap it up until it's strained and then they will for sure CALL IN MR. MARGIN...Smart money understand the process and will cover early to take profit from the $ 40 off the table or move the monies to a long position before MM's start the big gap up increases...It's coming folks!!

    • sounds exciting man! I just want some official announcement!!!

    • Stock is more unsecured than unsecured bonds.

    • FRANC--If and when the bonds ever "confirm" that something good is afoot, you'll hear it from me first.
      Unless and until that happens, this ain't real--it's a classic bear market "snap-back" rally, possibly enhanced by shorts deciding to take their profits, and close out their positions.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Yes Franc. You will get your Volvo back soon.

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