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  • terryguys terryguys Feb 11, 2014 1:20 PM Flag


    Any chance EPB could lower their dividend in the next year or two???

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    • 2014 Outlook

      As previously announced, EPB expects to declare cash distribution of $2.60 per unit for 2014, a 2 percent increase over the $2.55 per unit it will distribute for 2013

    • KMI owns 90mm shares.Highly unlikely. Will likely maintain until EPB is eventually merged into KMP.

    • I would say the chance of a distribution cut at EPB is remote. Kinder Morgan Inc has already earmarked multiple drop downs of assets to EPB that are intended to essentially replace a lot of the lost cash flow. Also keep in mind that KMI collects a very healthy IDR stream from EPB, and being in the 50/50 splits means KMI takes a good hit directly plus via exposure to the EPB units that it owns.

      Now, none of that says that it won't happen, but EPB and BWP are drastically different cases, even if their cash flow shortfalls are similar. BWP's GP (Loews's) does not receive nearly as much IDR from BWP, plus they have numerous other investments and they have very little in the way of drop down dowry for BWP. KMI does have assets to be dropped down, unfortunately, the accretive cash from those drop downs will be plugging holes due to EPB's current short fall.

      I think KMI will make reasonable (but not unreasonable) attempts to maintain EPB's distribution to the extent that it is in KMI's best long term interests. It would not surprise me to see EPB pick up some projects that may have originally been earmarked for KMP, if only to help EPB get back stabilized, but that is purely speculation on my part. Keep in mind that KMI runs with a very tight "coverage ratio" as well, so any shortfall at EPB means a reduction in the growth of the KMI dividend and under severe circumstances could mean no growth or perhaps a cut (highly unlikely). KMP may be the most favored child, but EPB still contributes a signficant amount of cash to KMI and keeping it at least steady is likely there game plan. Growth is scheduled to resume in '17.